Thursday, December 04, 2008

BPN 1275 Europrix Multimedia (6): Interactive Computer Graphics

The category Interactive Computer Graphics is intended for visually explosive contents transforming reality and seducing users into virtual worlds of cyber world narratives.

3D input in a virtual environment. With two Nintendo Wiimotes and a homemade infrared-emitting glove, this project explores the potential of 3D input in interactive interfaces. In three Adobe Flash applications, the finger-tracking set-up enables the user to create exciting virtual results. Use your glove to form light-ribbons in the air with LightWrite, watching your creation appear before your eyes on a web-cam. Or try virtually grabbing and moving 3D files in the futuristic MediaDesktop, or manipulating the vertices of a 3D object in Edit3D. With an air of ‘do-it-yourself, this project gives us a glimpse of what computer graphics have in store.

Producer: Gilles Vermeulen
University: Media and Design Academie, KHLim
Country: Belgium

Tagtool. Designed to explore digital art as a means of live communication, Tagtool is an open source instrument for drawing and animation. Whether it’s on stage, on the street or over the internet, this creative visual instrument, unlike its predecessors, enables the artist to ‘perform’ in real time, just two people are required – an artist and an animator. Amateurs and professionals alike are able to create computer graphics, which, at the click of a button, can be brought to life by the animator on a specially designed game pad. Indoors or out, these images can be projected within minutes of their creation onto just anything. Simple to use and enabling a myriad of artistic expression, Tagtool takes computer graphics into a new dimension.

Producer: Matthias Fritz and friends
Company: O.M.A. International GmbH
Country: Austria

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