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BPN 1307 Fast introduction of glass fibre in The Netherlands

In these bad economic times the Dutch government will stimulate a fast introduction of glass fibre. That said under secretary of state Frank Heemskerk at the first national glass fibre conference Light my Fibre at my hometown Almere.

Heemskerk pointed to the fact that The Netherlands belongs to the absolute world class with regard to broadband. With various infrastructures and open nets The Netherlands have a fine starting point. This has led to the greatest internet density in the world and the third place in broadband. Broadband has become affordable. Yet The Netherlands is behind looking at Japan and Sweden when it comes to the latest generation of glass fibre. There is a need to recover this arrears. By laying glass fibre in an accelerated way , The Netherlands will stronger come out of the crises.

The government will not dig ducts for glass fibre. Private companies can do this faster and better. The government has three tasks in getting these newest generation networks laid, despite the crisis. The under secretary of state pointed to a change in the law which is often neglected by municipal officers with a stagnation of the private glass networks as a result. As Amsterdam has demonstrated, municipalities can participate in glass fibre companies and so stimulate private glass networks. The under secretary of state will clarify these rules for municipal officials soon.

As a seconds task of the government the under secretary of State pointed to special regulations guaranteeing the investments in glass fibre project. By doing so he hopes to stimulate the laying of networks and hopes that the Dutch society will come out of the crisis.

And last but not least, the government will see to it that there is a clear regulating framework offering companies open networks. This will promote competition and low prices. The under secretary of state hopes that cable operators in The Netherlands will open up their networks for competition as well. Various networks and open networks have brought The Netherlands where it is now. By offering a investment opportunities The Netherlands will be able to nestle itself among the world top in glass fibre.

Dutch towns and cities, preparing for or having realised fibre net:
Aarle-Rixtel - OnsBrabantNet
Almere - KPN Glasvezel and UNET
Amersfoort - XMS
Amersfoort Hooglanderveen - Community initiative and XMS
Amersfoort Kattenbroek - Community initiative and XMS
Amersfoort Nieuwland - Community initiative and XMS
Amsterdam - Fibre Amsterdam, Citynet, gna, Alice, Concepts ICT, InterNLnet and TweakFiber Amsterdam (Westerdokseiland) - KPN Glasnet
Arnhem - XMS
Bathmen - Glashart and Concepts ICT
Beek and Donk - OnsBrabantNet
Berkel and Rodenrijs - Glashart
Berkelland - B3n-CoopNet
Best - OnsBrabantNet
Biddinghuizen - Solcon
Bronckhorst - B3n-CoopNet
Denekamp - Concepts ICT
Deventer - Concepts ICT and Y-3Net
Diepenveen - Y-3Net
Dijkerhoek - Concepts ICT
Dordrecht - Glashart
Dronten – Community initiative, Glashart and Solcon
Eindhoven - Ons Net
Elburg - KPN Glasvezel and Glashart
Enschede - Glashart, KPN Glasnet, casaNet, Concepts ICT, UNET and Solcon
Etten-leur (Schoenmakershoek) - KPN Glasnet
Geldrop-Mierlo - OnsBrabantNet
Haaksbergen - KPN Glasvezel and Glashart
Helmond - OnsBrabantNet
Hillegom - Lijbrandt telecom Kadaka
Hilversum - XMS, Glashart and KPN
Holten - Glashart, Concepts ICT and Solcon
Hoofddorp - KPN Glasnet
Houten – Community initiative
Laarbeek - OnsBrabantNet
Laren - Solcon
Leiden - XMS
Lieshout - OnsBrabantNet
Lochem - Glashart
Maarheeze – Community initiative
Mariahout - OnsBrabantNet
Nijmegen - Glashart and XMS
Nijmegen Biezen and Hees - Community initiative and XMS
Nijmegen Groenewoud and Galgenveld – Community initiatief
Nijmegen Hazenkamp - Foundation Glazenkamp and XMS
Nijmegen St Anna, Hatertse Hei and de Emanciepatiebuurt – Community initiative
Nijkerk - Glashart
Nuenen - Ons Net
Rijssen - Glashart, Concepts ICT and Solcon
Rotterdam – Foundation Fibre Community Nesselande, Concepts ICT and Luna
Schijndel - Glashart & KPN
Sint Anthonis – Community initiative
Sint Oedenrode - Glashart & KPN
Soest / Soesterberg - XMS
Son and Breugel - Glashart, KPN Glasvezel and Ons Net
Swifterbant - Solcon
Twente - TwenNet
Uden - KPN Glasvezel and Glashart
Utrecht - XMS
Utrecht Lunetten - Community initiative and XMS
Valkenswaard - OnsBrabantNet
Veenendaal - Bewonersinitiatief and XMS
Veghel - KPN Glasvezel and Glashart
Veldhoven - OnsBrabantNet
Vleuterweide - Community initiative and XMS and KPN Glasnet
Wijchen - Foundation Fibre Wijchen ism XMS
Wijk and Aalburg Altena – Community initiative
Zeewolde – Community initiative, Glashart, Solcon and XMS

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