Sunday, October 01, 2006

My first trip to South Africa (1)

Today I am on my way to Johannesburg in South –Aftrica. As I have mentioned before, I will represent the World Summit Award at the Government Technology Conference in the Sandton Convention Centre. It will be my first time in South-Africa. I am very anxious to learn to know the country. Besides English, there are people who speak Afrikaans, which is a form of Dutch. I can understand it, but the language has undergone a different development over the years.

The conference is organised by Terrapin Ltd. This organisation works through international offices and organises conferences on the subject in South-Africa, The Netherlands, the Middle East and Asia. The World Summit Award has made an alliance with the organisation and is now involved in several conferences. I will be speaking in Africa and manning the booth of the World Summit Award. At the conference in Amsterdam (9-11 October) Peter Bruck will speak and Thomas Biebl will man the WSA booth. For the Middle East conference (3-5 December) my friend Waheed AlBalushi will speak and be present with a booth. In this way the World Summit Award can carry out its mission and show the e-government applications of 2003 and 2005 competitions.

After the conference I will have some time to explore the country. I hope also to meet some multimedia producers who deliver work products and services in Afrikaans. I hope to interest them for the 2007 competition of products and services in the Dutch language, which we are starting up in January 2007. It would be great to have a number of Afrikaans products and services.


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