Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Start Dutch MBA Crossmedia in December

In May I wrote about plans to set up a MBA Crossmedia course. Interest was shown by newspaper companies, telecom companies and broadcast companies. This is not illogical as these companies get often people with a background in marketing, for example retail marketing, but not with crossmedia experience. So the course should fill a need.

Now Lemniscaat School of Management has announced that it will start its first course for the Dutch MBA Crossmedia in the Netherlands in December. The course has been developed for young managers working in the media chain and related companies, who are looked upon as future potentials in their organisations. The MBA course is the first full blown crossmedia course on a scientific level and leads to an international recognised diploma. The instructors are active in the field and come from companies such as the newspaper publisher PCM, the telecom company Tele2/Versatel, the broadcast company Talpa, the telco KPN, and the broadcast facilities company NOB, but also from academia such as the Free University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Twente and the University of Utrecht.

The course lasts two years and consists of four building blocks with four modules per block:
- Block I: the new consumer; crossmedia marketing; crossmedia strategy; leadership;
- Block II: creativity; production; internal organisation; leadership;
- Block III: business efficiency; value chain, international markets; leadership;
- Business project
- Block IV: master proof consisting of thesis and foreign trip
- Defence and graduation
The time participants will have to spend on the study in two years, including home work and thesis is 1600 hours. The amount of contact hours is lower than in an average MBA course, as use is made of Action Learning software.

Co-founders of the MBA Crossmedia are PCM, Telegraaf Media Group and Tele2/Versatel. Lemniscaat School of Management iss part of the Conclusion Group and is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

The course will start in December 2006 and take two years. Tuition will be 30.000 euro. For more information:


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