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BPN 1625: WSA's 10th anniversary (2)

The WSA Global Champions

On occasion of WSIS 10th birthday, the WSA archives were opened. A WSA Online Jury, consisting of 48 international jurors, once more evaluated 200 great WSA winners of 5 editions (2003,2005,2007,2009,2011), all of them already WSA Winners in former years, and selected their 8 WSA all time favourites: The WSIS + 10 Global Champions.

e-Annual Report
Producer: Centre of Registers and Infromation Systems
Country: Estonia
Category: e-Government & Institutions
WSA Winner 2011

Producer: Mpedigree
Operator: Sproxil
Country: Ghana
Category: e-Health & Environment
URL:  /
WSA Winner 2009

Producer: Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Category: e-Learning & Education
WSA Winner 2007

Mini Mundi Tamagotchi
Producer: MilknCookies
Country: Guatemala
Category: e-Entertainment & Games
WSA Winner 2011

Twelve Canoes
Producer: Wanted Digital
Country: Australia
Category: e- Culture & Heritage
WSA Winner 2009
Producer: Jozef Stefan Institue
Country: Slovenia
Category: e- Science & Technology
WSA Winner 2009

KIVA Microfinance
Producer: Kiva Microfund
Country: United States of America
Category: e- Business & Commerce
WSA Winner 2007

Deaf Planet
Producer: marblemedia & Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
Country: Canada
Category: e- Inclusion & Participation
WSA Winner 2005


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BPN 1624: WSA's 10th anniversary (1)

 At the beginning of the new century the UN General Assembly took a decision to set up a forum, called the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in which multiple stakeholders including international organizations, governments, the private sector and civil society could discuss the opportunities of the new information and communication environment, and also address challenges such as the inequality in access to information and communication that is called the ‘digital divide’.

The official forum was held in two phases. The first phase took place in Geneva from 10 to 12 December 2003 and the second phase took place in Tunis, from 16 to 18 November 2005. The WSIS was the start of the World Summit Award (WSA), which celebrates its 10 years anniversary together with the WSIS in next week’s WSIS Review 10+ in Paris. For the occasion I looked back at the rise of the World Summit Award.

Last century
Forty years ago the first US commercial electronic information services, Dialog and SDC, were launched. Scientists, technicians and financials experts could remotely reach central host computers in United States. In 1991 the World Wide Web was started and penetrated societies all over the world. And despite the Internet bubble of 2000, it was clear that the world was on its way from villages and cities towards a global information society. In 2003 the ITU and the United Nations initiated a platform for discussion and demonstration on this global information society.  One of its siblings was the World Summit Award, a global activity to select and promote the world's best e-Content and most innovative ICT applications.

After the Internet bubble
At the same time as the launch of the World Wide Web, the first industry protocol on multimedia was reached which presented challenges to the new media as well as the personal computer industry. People got used to personal computers as digital encyclopaedias, larded with photographs, graphics and sound, were bundled with personal computers. Business saw new opportunities coming its way such as the merger between AOL and Time Warner, but went into an overdrive with exaggerated visions, which eventually led to a bubble and deflation. However digital information did not fade away.

In fact, digital information increased and started to penetrate the veins of society such as government, business, culture, health and learning. Examples of multimedia applications sprang up all over the world on the desktop computers, portable computers and smart phones and tablets.  Digital information became digital content and mobile content are packaged in apps.

 From 2003 the World Summit Award has been monitoring these examples. More than 3.600 applications from 160 countries have been evaluated in the past decade.

Origin of WSA
When the ITU and the United Nations started the initiative of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the ICNM (International Center for New Media) in Salzburg (Austria) looked into the UN initiative and started to work out a formula on the basis of its experience with the organisation of the Europrix multimedia competition in Europe. Backed by Europrix jury members, ICNM started up the project World Summit Award.

By the opening of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) on November 23, 2003 had contacted national experts in 168 countries. Through these contacts 700 entries were delivered. These were evaluated by 35 eminent experts during a WSA jury event in Dubai (UAE). During the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003 in Genf 40 international winners were honoured during a colourful award event.

2003, First jury in Dubai

On the basis of the experience of the European competition, eight categories were defined in line with UN goals. The fields have been extensions in the course of events.

e-Business (and Commerce)
e-Science (and Technology)
e-Learning (and Education)
e-Government (and Institutions)
e-Culture (and Heritage)
e-Health (and Environment)
e-Entertainment (and Games)
e- Inclusion (and Participation)

Original categories and between brackets the extensions.

Having constituted the categories, the solicitation of entries was a subject. Having an open submission could be uncontrollable in the amount of entries and jury time. Eventually the Olympic principle was eventually chosen: every country was allowed to submit one entry per country and eight entries in total. In this way also the problem of having to choose from more entries per country was avoided.

The jury members were chosen from the national experts and a balance was sought between the continents. In total 30 to 40 jury members per jury session were invited. Every jury session should not have more than 50 pct. of jurors from a former jury. So far this has worked and has led to a self-refreshing jury body. Besides the representation was so far a clear representation of the 35 jury members of the 160 countries associated with the World Summit Award.

The jury so far has met in person, usually invited by a country. In 2003 Dubai invited the jury and in 2005 Bahrain was the host, but also Croatia, India and Hong Kong did invite the juries. This presence of jury members suited the jury process in which the jurors reached a consensus on the winners.

2013 Jury session of WSA Mobile in Abu Dhabi

The World Summit does not have a slew of winners, ranging from one to three. However the competition has maximally five winners per category, regardless of the origin of the entry.

WSA, the brand
The World Summit Award started out as a bi-annual event, following the two planned sessions of the World Summit Award on the Information Society in resp. Genf (Switzerland) and Tunis (Tunisia). The pattern of the bi-annual event was followed for the consecutive years.

However as the world turn the information society is changing and so is the World Summit Award. Having started out as the World Summit Award Global, multimedia entries on various digital media were solicited: online/offline, internet/CD-ROM or DVD, internet /mobile.

In 2007 the World Summit Youth Award was instituted, a competition for the youth up to 30 years of age promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals. The WSYA is a success as no less than 1150 young social entrepreneurs, web developers, app developers and data scientists from 121 countries have applied for the WSYA 2012 competition. In the meantime a European event, called the European Youth Award has been started in 2012 for the first time. The call for entries generated 35 projects coming from 16 different European countries.

As mobile has become a fast growing medium even overruling internet on personal computers (desktop or portable) it was decided to start up a World Summit Award Mobile. With the support of Abu Dhabi (UAE) a jury and award events have been set up. The soliciting of entries has been successful so far. No less than 435 apps from 102 have been sent in and are online judged by a jury of 50 worldwide jurors.

2013 WSA Mobile gala in Abu Dhabi

General trends
The branding of the World Summit Award already indicates that trends are coming up and become important. When the first session of the World Summit on the Information Society was held, multimedia was still important. Compact disc media functioned as packaged bandwidth. On CD-ROM or DVD enough bandwidth was offered to play movies and intricate games as most networks did not yet offer broadband at a reasonable speed.

But as the networks grew in speed, depending on the country, multimedia productions started to decrease, while internet sites increased. Besides social media, such as blogs, second life, Facebook entered the scene.

However as smartphones were triggered by the iPhone of Apple, blogging became micro-blogging, even to the point of a capacity of 140 digits as in the case of Twitter. The launch of the tablets by Apple (iPad) and Samsung (Tablet) created a complete new world of apps, software routines filled with content. Just before the launch of the tablets, e-reader caught on thanks to the nice, non-interlaced screens, holding an amount of books not seen in the Sorbonne university library in 1795.

Content divide
From the first session of the World Summit on the Information Society, the content divide has been an issue. The interest in hardware was greater than the interest in content. This was partly the problem because of the long production time of digital content. So quality products such as games and sites were not available and in great demand.

But when smartphones and tablets started to supersede desktop and portable computers, the content productions started to change. The apps are checked for basic conditions by the store owners of iTunes and Google Play. Although these basic conditions do not guarantee quality products, there is a turn in use. In a continent like Asia the smart phone and tablets are prevalent and working in favour of narrowing the content gap.
Author (2nd from the left) with WSA jury members from Egypt, Ghana, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong 

Jak Boumans is principal consultant with Electronic Media Reporting in The Netherlands. He has been with Europrix juries and all World Summit Award juries. He is a World Summit Award Board member and the Secretary General of the European Academy of Digital Media.


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UK Cross Media Week in Beirut

Skillset Media Academy Wales, in partnership with the British Council and Beirut Creative Cluster, are running their first multiplatform storytelling workshop in Lebanon.

Cross Media?Multiplatform or Transmedia Storytelling is the technique of telling a story using different platforms, such as television broadcast, online video, mobile phones, and downloaded podcasts which can be watched either on a computer or a portable media player. It is a bridging of film / broadcast / new media applications and can reach into publishing of books / DVDs / additional web content - cf. Yomi Ayeni's Clockwork Watch, the online series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (the Lizzie Bennet Diaries), or the successful Canadian TV show ReGenesis. A project of this kind will also rely on social-networking and intricate methods to develop an audience and brand loyalty.

The workshop
This 12 hour programme will draw on Skillset Media Academy Wales’ pool of expert industry tutors and their experience in running similar modules – in particular the Academy's successful programmes Transform@Lab (an elite workshop-based training programme designed to give graduate-level creative media students from across Europe the chance to develop and pitch cross-platform ideas in an intensive development lab), and CINOVATE, a programme to train film festival and cinema managers.
The programe will be led by Erica Wolf-Murray, Founder of Lola Media; James Mullighan, arts and film consultant, producer and commentator; and Patrick Roberts, design and communications consultant, who will draw on extensive experience of developing companies and individuals in the creative industries sector through their consultancy roles.

A 12 hour programme which will be divided into:
- A 3 hour introductory masterclass looking at international cross-platform best practice, with a focus on the UK creative and business sector;
- A 3 hour focused toolkit session for smaller groups, where companies/participants will be assisted in recognizing, retaining and developing the intellectual assets from their existing work practice as a foundation for future growth;
- A 3 hour Case studies session: looking at the cross-platform business planning of big UK brands such as BBC, Burberry, Tate and their lessons learnt;
- A 3 hour production session on cross-platform methods.
Optional e-mentoring and support will also be offered to participants for 3 months following the completion of the workshop.

Participants will be divided into small groups (5-6 people) for the toolkit, case studies and production sessions.
© Flickr Creative Commons/user Kyburrows
Participants will:
- Gain a new perspective on their creative business;
- Gain an understanding of innovation tools for business within and outside their own sector;
- Increase productivity locally and globally
- Understand working across different skill sets
- Be able to communicate and inspire new ideas for cross-platform working

25-28 March 2013
at Berytech’s new venue in Beirut’s Digital District.
The deadline for applications is 1 March, 2013 (we aim to announce selected participants before Friday 8 March).

Lebanese/Lebanon-based creative entrepreneurs and creative content developers working across the creative and cultural industries (film, TV, publishing, performing arts, advertising/communications, videogames/interactive entertainment and media), with at least 3 years experience working in the sector.

How? Participants will need to apply before 1 March 2013 by submitting the form below. If selected, participants each have to pay a fee of USD 100 for the training. If applying on behalf of a company, please bear in mind that we will most likely only select one participant per business.

If you have any questions please contact

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BPN 1623: WSA Mobile content (3)

My WSA colleague  sent me three links to articles he wrote in the framework of the conference World Summit Award Mobile, held in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago. His blog postings are worthwhile reading as at least two postings are fine summaries of the trends in mobile.

There are series of photographs about the event available on Flickr.

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BPN 1622: WSA Mobile content (2)

The projects below convinced the jury, they pleased the audience, and they demonstrated that mobile apps can really make a difference for people around the globe! Meet the 8 outstanding mobile apps that have been awarded WSA-mobile Abu Dhabi Champions 2013 from among this year's 40 great winners:

(mTourism&Culture / Indonesia)

Harpoen is a free digital graffiti application that turns shared public spaces into social message boards. Anyone can leave their mark and begin a discussion with the future, anyone can discover a mark and let the place tell the story of who came and what happened.

Prognosis, Your Diagnosis
(mHealth&Environment / Sri Lanka)

Traditional medical education is commonly considered boring and time consuming, yet as every doctor knows, practicing medicine is interesting and challenging. The answer has to do with arriving at a diagnosis, which requires a lot of analytical skill, while being stimulating and even fun. The Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app takes this idea and converts it into a simple, but effective game in which doctors play out a diagnostic process similar to real life.

(mBusiness&Commerce / China)

iButterfly is a gamified location-based coupon and content entertainment App platform, where users acquire coupons or content by hunting 3D flying butterflies. Making use of 3D engine, AR, location enablement and motion-sensing technologies, iButterfly combines the joy of social gaming and coupon downloads for a brand-new experience. Users enjoy the reality feeling of catching “butterflies” flying in the AR world.

(mGovernment&Participation / Sweden)

Roadroid offers a mobile app for Android smart phones, to monitor road condition, and a web site with color-marked maps displaying results. The app is using phone’s built-in sensors, camera and GPS. The app analysis provides 100 signals per second (100 Hz), defining road quality according to four levels: green for ‘Good’, yellow for ‘Satisfactory’, red for ‘Unsatisfactory’ and black for ‘Poor’.

Project Noah
(mLearning&Education | Canada)

Project Noah is a software platform designed to help people reconnect with the natural world. Launched in early 2010, the project began as an experiment to mobilize citizen scientists and build a digital butterfly net for the 21st century.

Hand Talk
(mInclusion&Empowerment | Brazil)

Hand Talk is an app for mobile devices that receives data and translates it to Libras, the sign language of the deaf communities of urban Brazil. Hand Talk works with three basic sources: audio, texts or images. When a voice is captured by the mobile phone, the app converts the sound to sign language with the help of a 3D avatar who appears on the mobile screen.

News 360
(mMedia&News | USA)

News360 is a set of mobile apps for smartphone and tablet platforms. The apps send a tailored stream of news content focused on users’ specific interests. The apps gather and analyse news articles from more than 20,000 online sources, presenting the most important ones in a grid.

DerManDar Panorama
(mEntertainment&Lifestyle | Lebanon)

Dermandar creates a novel way to take panoramic images. The simple and elegant user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other as the user rotates the device. The extremely fast outcome is the product of a unique combination of high-level mathematics and low-level optimizations. Using the mobile device’s sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass), the application automatically takes consecutive images. More than 4.5 million people have downloaded this application.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Prezi link on above image and here
Website here

BPN 1621: WSA Mobile content (1)


19:30 Welcome Reception hosted by the Austrian Embassy in Abu Dhabi
Get2Gether and Lightning Talks - Short Presentation Shots by WSA-mobile Winners

H.E. Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General, Abu Dhabi Systems & Info Centre (ADSIC)
Abdul Karim Al Raeesi, Director of Strategy & Planning, ADSIC
H.E. Peter Elsner-Mackay, Austrian Ambassador to Abu Dhabi
Dr. Wolfgang Penzias, Commercial Counsellor at Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, UAE
Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors


09:00 Official Opening: WSA-mobile Winners´Events 2013
H.E. Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General, Abu Dhabi Systems & Info Centre (ADSIC)
Abdul Karim Al Raeesi, Director of Strategy & Planning, ADSIC
Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors

10:00 Opening of the Exhibition :: Best in Mobile Content

11:00 Mobile Innovation Session 1 :: Scenarios
Innovation Shots by international experts and interactive dialogue
Moderator: Prof. Peter A. Bruck, WSA-mobile Chairman
Shot Talks:
Tomi Ahonen, Mobile visionary and author, consultant and motivational speaker, Hong Kong / Singapore “The Near Future of Mobile: Content in the Age of Augmented Reality”
Rich Ling, Professor, IT University of Copenhagen / Telenor Research Institute Oslo, Denmark / Norway “The Future Past of Mobile: Looking back on society from 2030”
Anya Sverdlov, Managing Director, Actis Wunderman, Russian Federation

12:00 Mobile Innovation Session 2 :: INTERSCREEN & DESIGN
Shot Talks:
Janine Warner, Media Executive Creator of, USA “Mobile Design: Multiple strategies for multiple screens “
Gary Schwartz, President & CEO, ImpactMobile, Canada “MultiScreen: Designing interaction with Mobile as the driver “
Maya Makanjee, Chief Officer Corporate Affairs, Vodacom Group Limited, South Africa
Darius Bagdziunas, Director GAUMINA JSC, Lithuania
James Norwood, Associate Professor, Erhvervs Akademiet Lillebælt, Denmark

12:45 Excellence Presentation 1 :: Next Generation Mobile Experience :: Getting your hands on Blackberry+10 presentation by Research in Motion

Moderator: Boris Nemsic, Executive Partner, Delta Partners

Presentation: Lewa Abukhait, Senior Alliance Manager, MEA, Research in Motion

13:00 Blackberry Luncheon

14:00 WSA-mobile Winners´ Presentations -
Meet excellence in mobile content I.
Grand Jury voting for WSA mobile global champions
m-Business & Commerce
Streetspotr, Streetspotr GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Keapo, Keapo, Paraguay
iButterfly, Cherrypicks and Media Palette Hong Kong, China | MobiCash, Ithmaar Bank, Bahrain
m-Environment & Health
Positive Technology, Instituto Auxologico Italiano, Italy
Prognosis: Your Diagnosis, Medical Joyworks, Sri Lanka
Social Diabetes, Spain
Hormoncheck, The Consumer Council of Norway, Norway
Life with Cancer, Danish Cancer Society, Denmark

m-Entertainment & Lifestyle
Oz Book, Slypoz, Lithuania
DerManDar, DerManDar SAL, Lebanon
Qtom TV, QTom GmbH, Germany |

m-Government & Participation:
i-Police, Complustech Ltd., Nigeria
Roadroid, Roadroid, Sweden
Towngas,The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, China
Digital Library, NLB, Singapore
MyFunCity, MyFunCity, Brazil

16:30 Social Business –Mobile Activism

Workshop: Social entrepreneurs using wireless technologies
Shot Talks:
Katrin Verclas, Exec. Director, MobileActive, USA “Smart Swarms: Mobile content for social change “
Russel Southwood, CEO, Balancing Act, South Africa “Sustaining Mobile Content: Strategies for free and paid apps in Africa and beyond”
Niki Ernst, TEDx Ambassador, Austria
Mathias Haas, CEO & Founder, Findia, Austria

17:30 Thanks God it´s Monday: Emerging trends in Mobile innovation

Mobile Monday Workshop: Arabic and Global Views!
Shot Talks:
Jari Tammisto, President, Mobile Monday, Finland
Madanmohan Rao, Chief Researcher Mobile Monday, India
Nagwa Zahran, Mobile Monday Egypt Project Manager

19:30 Dinner and Cultural Program Emirati Delights and Arab Imagination



09:00 Mobile Innovation Session 3 :: FANS
Shot Talks:
Catherine Warren, President, FanTrust Entertainment Strategies, Canada “Your Mobile Fans: Best Friends, Taskmasters and Critics”
Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting, UK “The Mobile Consumer: The Center of the mobile Universe?“
Phil Hendrix, Founder and Director, immr, USA “Mobile, Social, Local: Value creation through connecting, contextualising, amplifying”
Alexander Felsenberg, CEO Felsenberg Consulting, Germany
Milind Pathak, Global Head of New Business of One97 Communications, India
Feras Jaffar Ahmed, Director Service Delivery & Channel Enhancement, eGovernment Authority, Bahrain

10:30 Networking Coffee

10:45 Mobile Innovation Session 4 :: EDUCATION
Shot Talks:
Badr Ward, CEO, Erti “Mobile Edutainment: Smart Playgrounds for Preschoolers”
Jon Mason, e-Learning Director, Centre for School Leadership & Learning Development, Charles Darwin University, Australia “m-Education: cognitive engagements and small devices”
Jak Boumans, Managing Director Electronic Media Reporting, Netherlands
Dorothy Gordon, DG, Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT & Development, Ghana
Madanmohan Rao, Chief Researcher Mobile Monday

12:00 Excellence Presentation 2 ::

Mobility & Enterprise – unwiring business by SAP

Innovation Shots by international experts and interactive dialogue
Moderator: François Morin, CEO WCIT 2012 & President , M2m Digital

13:00 SAP Luncheon

14:00 WSA-mobile Winners´ Presentations - Meet excellence in mobile content II.

Grand Jury voting for WSA mobile global champions

m-Inclusion & Empowerment:
Blanco y Negro, Ecuador|AlzNav, Fraunhofer, Portugal
Magic Reader, GimmiQ, Japan WheelMap, Sozialhelden, Germany
Hand Talk, Hand Talk, Brazil

m-Media & News:
News 360, News360, Russian Federation/United States
Scoopshot, P25 Media Group, Finland
TrafficMate, University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka
Bambuser, Bambuser, Sweden
Maestro Digital Publishing Suite, Pulse Mediatech Limited, China

m-Tourism & Culture:
map2app, GreenBit SNC di Petro Ferraris e C., Italy
Tripwolf, tripwolf GmbH, Austria
TaxiPal, TaxiPal Ltd., Estonia
Harpoen, Harpoen Pte Ltd & PT Kreasi Daya Luhur, Indonesia
Dérive app, Uganda

m-Learning & Education:
Back in Time, LANDKA, Portugal | WildChords, Ovelin Ltd., Finland
The Math Mage, RGH Games, Jordan
KnowledgePulse, KnowledgeFox GmbH, Austria
Project Noah, Canada

16:30 Growing up Mobile: The Future here, the World now!

Workshop: From representing reality, to doing life! Meet the most mobile YA- Winners!
Moderator: Prof. Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman,
Respondent: H.E. Ambassador Thomas Stelzer, Assistant Secretary-General, UN
Nathan Masyuko, Haki Game, Kenya,
Bistra Kumbaroska, Mladiinfo, Slovenia,
Matt Clark, Fair Play Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, Belgium,
Eba’a El-Tamami HarassMap, Egypt,
Mathias Haas, Findia, Austria,
Amr Sobhy & Abbas Adel MorsiMeter, Egypt

17:45 Mobile Battles: Who owns what in the Mobile Space?

User generated content, data privacy and the demise of publishers
Shot Talks:
Karim Taga & Clemens Schwaiger, Arthur D. Little, Tunisia / Austria “Making Money from m-Content: The battle for ARPUs, AdRevs and SubPay”
Boris Nemsic, Executive Partner, Delta Partners “Value Add Services: How do Telcos strategize Content?”
George Sharkov, Director of ESI Center Eastern Europe, Bulgaria
Amr Kamel, Founder & Chairman - Global Technologies Online, Egypt
Jeremy Foster, Head of Marketing, Government & Industry Relations, Ericsson MEA

18:30 Explore Abu Dhabi

Grand Jury Voting on WSA-mobile Global Champions - for Jury Members only


09:00 The Power of Mobile Sound

Dolby Mobile present
Presentation: Tarif Sayed, Regional Director, Middle East & Africa, DOLBY Inc

09:30 Mobile Innovation Session 5 :: ENTERTAINMENT

Innovation Shots by international experts and interactive dialogue
Shot Talks:
Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum-Americas, UK
“Latest trends in mobile entertainment
Harri Koponen, COO Rovio, Finland "The Story of Birds. From an angry idea to global intercultural pleasure”
Eric Idiahi, CEO Spinlet, Nigeria
Yiannis Doxaras, CEO & Founder,, Greece
Niall Austin, CEO OmniMotion, Ireland

10:30 Networking Coffee

10:45 Mobile Innovation Session 6 :: INTERSERVICE | GOVERNMENT

Innovation Shots by international experts and interactive dialogue
Moderator: Prof. Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman
Shot Talks:
Paul Kukubo, CEO, Kenya ICT Board, Kenya “Between Safaricom and Silicon Savannah: The role of government in creating a viable ecoystem for local Content”
Marta Tomovska, Deputy Minister Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia
Rodrigo Assumpcao, President of the Social Security Data Processing Company (Dataprev), Brazil
Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum, Luxembourg
Elizabeth Quat, Legislative Council Member, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

12:00 Excellence Presentation 3: The Next World in Mobile by QUALCOMM

m-Content and Next-generation Wireless Technologies
Moderator: Boris Nemsic, Executive Partner, Delta Partners

13:00 Lunch by Qualcomm

14:00 Smart Scripting, Hidden Storylines: the Angry Birds Workshop

Workshop on Becoming World Class in Fun and Games: Heroes, Adventures, Skills, and Infinity
Workshop Leader: Harri Koponen, COO Rovio, Finland

15:30 Changing the World with Mobile: m-Content for Development

Fishbowl Session on UN Millennium Development Goals and the power of ICT4D
Moderator: Prof. Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman
Shot Talk:
Osama Manzar, Founder and Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation, India “Voice as m-Content: Literacy and the diversity of local content”
H.E. Amb. Dr. Thomas Stelzer, Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations, New York
Reshan Dewapura, CEO ICTA, Sri Lanka
Katrin Verclas,, USA

17-17:30 Winners SumUp

Reflections on the past event and future steps


Abu Dhabi hosts the WSA-mobile Award Gala
Award Ceremony with announcement of 8 WSA-mobile global Champions 2013 and ADSIC Dinner