Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BPN1433: New York: here is the WSYA! (4)

On Tuesday it was back to the City for a meeting with the ad agency Wundermann. The meeting had been arranged by Anya, the Russian representative in the network of Wundermann. She arranged it in her capacity as representative on the board of World Summit Award. And she had done a good job in instructing her colleagues. Besides a well filled breakfast table, the WSYA delegation found that her colleagues had prepared themselves very well.
The idea was to present 6 WSYA projects and have them reviewed by three experts of Wundermann. They started out with the observation, that times were changing. The change from analog to digital covered the period of 1960 to 1995, but now they saw something new coming, something they could not give a name. Yet they felt something new coming up: the post-digital period. And the examples delivered by the WSYA winners, gave them a glance of the future. Of course this was a great compliment for all the six presenters. After each presentation a review by the three experts were given and they also gave hints about expansion or improvement. Some WSYA winners got advice where large companies would pay for dearly.

The session at Wundermann’s offices made me realise that this year’s group of winners were special and of a very professional level. It was not only enthusiasm that was driving them, but they had skills and a professional level of approach. They knew quite clearly what they were doing and what they wanted. They will also be heard in social media in the future.

It was also clear that this type of sessions with committed experts are going to help the WSYA winners. Besides experts from an ad agency they should also be brought into contact with venture capital/seed people. This combination should give them new inspiration for their projects.

BPN 1431

Monday, September 20, 2010

BPN 1432: New York: Here is the WSYA (4)

For many of the winners the Monday was the focal point of their trip to New York: the award ceremony. The ceremony was held in the center of New York. And it looked like NYC was prepared for it, for there was police on every corner around the Roger Smith Hotel. But with so many government heads around such as the Iranian Ahmadinijad, New York had another traffic infarct. But the Roger Smith Hotel is a fountain of inspiration among this crazy city. Outside and inside there are statues.
The ceremony itself was attended by a number of dignitaries. There was the minister of Information Society in Macedonia. From the mobile world there was the president of Mobile Communication. From Bahrain was there the CEO of Alnadeem Information Technology. A long-time supporter of the WSYA is ISOC. Also present was the representative of the Knight Foundation, a sponsor for the WSYA. New in the group of sponsors and friends of WSYA was Telfree from South Africa. And it was a pleasure to see Ramon Alberto Garza Garcia, the president and CEO Indigo Brainmedia in Monterrey (Mexico), a winner of World Summit Award in 2007 and the host of the WSA Gala in Monterrey in 2009.

The award consisted of a certificate, a statue of liberty and a pin of the WSA. There is no prize money as there is a lack of prize money. In this competition money is not the objective. It is recognition of the efforts made by the winners. Part of the recognition is the publication of all winning projects in a brochure and on online.

In the afternoon the WSYA winners were treated to a visit to Bloomberg, the financial data and news company. The visit started with a registration at the entrance desk. Identifications were copied and checked and photographs taken for the tag. Then the tour through the Bloomburg started. It is a very open building with glass. In this way you could see the radio and television stations and a lot of desks, where people collect financial data and aggregate news from several countries. Bloomberg has come up fast since 1981 pushing old organisations such as Reuters aside. Bloomberg uses all media possible like a cloud: radio, tv, mobile and internet. Having bought Business Week it is now also a print publisher.

BPN 1432

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BPN 1431: New York: here is the WSYA (3)

This Sunday many of the teams will get their first dive into New York. For many team members it is the first time that they are in the big Apple. And as the world leaders gather at the United nations for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Review Summit in New York, people will stand up and ask attention for the goals. In New York this happens at Lincoln Center.

The members of the winning team start working on placards and T shirts to make known the MDG they ask attention for. And then they go up to Lincoln Center: metro in and metro out, through Central Park. After taking photographs the winner team members start to look around and listen to the speakers. There is an information market with some 20 booth. A music band plays in between speakers who stand up. There are some ten TV crews. However the public attention is very disappointing.

Being in New York for the first time and then immediately standing up and speaking out for your MDG, requests some courage. But some of the WSYA winners do. A winner from Pakistan was standing and listening to people talking about Pakistan. He concluded that those people had good intention, but had never been in Pakistan and experience the poverty, increased by the floods, and social situations. So he got up the stage and took the microphone to tell from daily experience.

In the evening the WSYA winners went to the Hard Rock Café on Times Square for dinner, offered by one of the sponsors. Before getting food the winner would have to tell about their project. It had an estranging effect to talk about poverty in the environment of abundance of the artefacts donated by popstars such as beautiful guitars. After the meal, the group had to find its way back to the hotel in Long Island City.

BPN: 1431

Saturday, September 18, 2010

BPN 1430: New York: here is the WSYA (2)

This year the following projects were selected:

Category 1: Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease!

Leung Chun San (28), China

Winner The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu (28), Nigeria

Winner Nahrani.com - Improve your vocabulary and provide food
to people in need
Nikolay Staney (27), Bulgaria

Village Home Tourism, Ashis Himali (26), Nepal
Donativa, Ilyas Bakouch (22), Morocco

Category 2: Education for all!

Winner Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth
Anshul Tewari (19), India

Winner Clo’s Ship (La nave di Clo)
Silvia Carbotti (30), Italy

Winner KSNA (Knowledge & Science News Agency) Scientific
magazine - Founder of OpenScience in IRAN & Middle East
Mohammad Rashidi-Kochi (22), Iran

SME-Challenge, Santiago Peyré (27), Argentina
Sexual Maturation and menstrual hygiene management practices associated with school girls in Ghana,
Philip Kwesi Agyei (28), Ghana

Category 3: Power 2 Women!

Winner Women’s Forum
Corobco Natalia (26), Azerbaijan

Winner We are all Laila
Eman Abd El-Rahman (25), Egypt

Winner We are not inferior to anybody
Samina Khushi (28), Pakistan

Effemine Blog - For Making Change, Petra Gönczi (19), Hungary
Mother Nature, Dotun Adewunmi (28), Nigeria

Category 4: Create Your Culture!

Winner artur.org.hu - online guide on contemporary architecture
Daniel Kovacs (27), Hungary

Winner WupY “What’s up Youth”
Abdullah Mosaad (22), Egypt

Winner Afrique in Visu
Jeanne Mercier (27), France

Nuok, Alice Avallone (25), Italy
Lemon24.com, Suny Md. Ashraf Khan (27), Bangladesh

Category 5: Go Green!

Winner VERDEate.com, Challenge your Green Side!
Sebastián Bustamante (27), Spain

Winner Colour Me Green Campaign
Liew Yao Ren (18), Malaysia

Winner Climate Change Virtual school for Youths
Verengai Mabika (30), Zimbabwe

Eco Options Egypt, Omnia Abbas (22), Egypt
Green Brigade, Tewari Chitranshu (18), India

Category 6: Pursue Truth!

Winner Social MDGs
Baxter Stapleton (19), USA

Winner Forgotten Diaries
Biffi Selene (27), Italy

Winner JOIN Informed Youngsters.
Juan Rafael Rivera-Sanchez (22), Mexico

Urban Journeys, Salman Siddiqui (27), Pakistan
Pamir Times, Noor Muhammad (26), Pakistan

BPN: 1430

BPN 1429: New York: here is the WSYA (1)

New York was the destination on Saturday for the award ceremony of the World Summit Youth Awards 2010, it is the second sibling on the World Summit Award (WSA).

The World Summit Youth Awards concentrate on content with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in mind. Young people are asked to use internet and mobile media to act themselves, but also get action on the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals:
- Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme hunger and poverty;
- Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education;
- Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
- Goal 4: Reduce child mortality;
- Goal 5: Improve maternal health;
- Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
- Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability;
- Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development.
The year of review has been set on 2015, when the eladers of countries will gather again in order to discuss the progress.

These goals have been translated in six categories:
- Category 1: Fight poverty, hunger and disease;
- Category 2: Education for all;
- Category 3: Power 2 Women;
- Category 4: Create your own culture;
- Category 5: Go green;
- Category 6: Pursue truth!

The WSYA are not just the result of projects picked ad random, but they are the result of a global competition. National experts have put forward projects, produced by young people under thirty. The projects are considered as representative for the MDGs and of content and technology excellence. They should demonstrate the consequence of inter-action and counter-action. The projects are evaluated by a jury of 17 young experts in two rounds.

WSYA does two things;
- showcasing the contribution of the young designers, technologists and digital content creators;
- contributing to addressing poverty, protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and empowering young people.
The WSYA is promoted in the UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA), the UN Global Alliance for ICT, the Internet Society and its local chapters, participating UN organisations and agencies, governments and NGOs as well as youth organisations.

The winning WSYA projects have been selected from 630 applicants coming from 102 UN member states. Of these 630 applicants 245 completed the online registration, of which 142 products were evaluated in the end. Many applicants make known that they will enter a project. But by the time of the official online registration, many are not ready or simply did not register. It is interesting to see where the evaluated projects come from:
- Africa: 27;
- Arab countries & Middle East: 30;
- Asia: 40;
- Europe: 29;
- Latin America and Caribbean: 8;
- North America and Oceania: 8;
Interesting is to see the variance between the number of entries from the various regions. North America and Oceania only sent in 8 projects. You almost would question whether the MDGs are there alive. No looks to be the answer. Asia is the top region with 40 projects entered. Africa, the Arab Countries and the Middle East as well as Europe are following.

What do the 40 winners and runners-up aged 18 to 30 years from 21 countries get out of being an award winner. They get offered, thanks to the sponsorship of the Knight Foundation, a long weekend with an interesting program in New York.

The World Summit Youth Award is part of the World Summit Award, a multimedia competition, started at the occassion of the UN World Summit on the Information Society in 2003. From 2008 the World Summit Youth Award was started. The latest member of the WSA family is the World Summit Award Mobile Media (WSA mm), which kicks off next month with an international jury in Abu DHabi and a gala also in Abu Dhabi in December 2010.