Saturday, September 18, 2010

BPN 1430: New York: here is the WSYA (2)

This year the following projects were selected:

Category 1: Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease!

Leung Chun San (28), China

Winner The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu (28), Nigeria

Winner - Improve your vocabulary and provide food
to people in need
Nikolay Staney (27), Bulgaria

Village Home Tourism, Ashis Himali (26), Nepal
Donativa, Ilyas Bakouch (22), Morocco

Category 2: Education for all!

Winner Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth
Anshul Tewari (19), India

Winner Clo’s Ship (La nave di Clo)
Silvia Carbotti (30), Italy

Winner KSNA (Knowledge & Science News Agency) Scientific
magazine - Founder of OpenScience in IRAN & Middle East
Mohammad Rashidi-Kochi (22), Iran

SME-Challenge, Santiago Peyré (27), Argentina
Sexual Maturation and menstrual hygiene management practices associated with school girls in Ghana,
Philip Kwesi Agyei (28), Ghana

Category 3: Power 2 Women!

Winner Women’s Forum
Corobco Natalia (26), Azerbaijan

Winner We are all Laila
Eman Abd El-Rahman (25), Egypt

Winner We are not inferior to anybody
Samina Khushi (28), Pakistan

Effemine Blog - For Making Change, Petra Gönczi (19), Hungary
Mother Nature, Dotun Adewunmi (28), Nigeria

Category 4: Create Your Culture!

Winner - online guide on contemporary architecture
Daniel Kovacs (27), Hungary

Winner WupY “What’s up Youth”
Abdullah Mosaad (22), Egypt

Winner Afrique in Visu
Jeanne Mercier (27), France

Nuok, Alice Avallone (25), Italy, Suny Md. Ashraf Khan (27), Bangladesh

Category 5: Go Green!

Winner, Challenge your Green Side!
Sebastián Bustamante (27), Spain

Winner Colour Me Green Campaign
Liew Yao Ren (18), Malaysia

Winner Climate Change Virtual school for Youths
Verengai Mabika (30), Zimbabwe

Eco Options Egypt, Omnia Abbas (22), Egypt
Green Brigade, Tewari Chitranshu (18), India

Category 6: Pursue Truth!

Winner Social MDGs
Baxter Stapleton (19), USA

Winner Forgotten Diaries
Biffi Selene (27), Italy

Winner JOIN Informed Youngsters.
Juan Rafael Rivera-Sanchez (22), Mexico

Urban Journeys, Salman Siddiqui (27), Pakistan
Pamir Times, Noor Muhammad (26), Pakistan

BPN: 1430

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