Friday, January 26, 2007

Community Created Content: law, business, policy (5)

I have been browsing through the book Community Created Content: law, business, policy in the past installments. I have enjoyed the book very much as there is a good link between the legal part and the business models. Usually you get an okay exposition of the legal side, but it hardly is linked up to the business models.

So the authors have done a great job. In fact they have put down a kind of legal grid and linked this to the business models. A recommendation would be to get a EU grant inorder to create a European continental grid of laws for harmonising all the legislation between the 27 members states, minus the UK and Ireland as they have another legal system.

In the past, I received an assignment form the EU to review a project establishing the consumer rights and obligations in the member states. The project was unable to establish a grid of rules and measures as there was no basic grid set up. In the case of Community Created Content a first exploration of a grid was done and was done well. It my opinion there is a valid grid which could serve as the basis for filling in the grid elements of the national laws of the EU member states.

Besides this legal side, also the described business models form categories for business cases. It should be interesting to keep up these business cases of internet sites, so that people in the trade can check the models and the legal consequences.

From my Finnish friend Cai I understand that in the framework of this research project Cai and his fine colleague Sohvi Sirkesalo will work on a report dealing with business models of participatory economy. The report should be in English as there is an audience so far from Monday till Thursday of 200 unique visitors of this series from all around the world..

I wrote an item on the book for the Dutch language Marketingfacts, which drew almost 5000 pageviews by midnight. The blog master Marco Derksen called the book ‘absolutely top’; other blog readers: ‘book worth reading’; ‘it is a pearl, this book’; ‘a must read’. I only wished we would have a comparable book in Dutch.

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