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(non-commercial announcements)

EUROPRIX Top Talent Award now open for entries

The EUROPRIX Top Talent Award gives young professionals and top students the chance to be promoted and exposed on the European stage. The competition benefits those who want to know how good their university coursework, freelance work or hobby-projects really are in comparison with their colleagues from other countries. Projects which are well-received by the jury will be awarded a Quality Seal in recognition of their good work – a certificate to make good impression on future employers. Nominees will receive a host of benefits.The registration for the new edition opened on May 1 2007. Deadline for entries is July 15 2007.

EUROPRIX Top Talent Award is now open for entries from students and young producers till 30 years.

Projects online, offline, installations can be entered in the following categories: - Broadband / Online - Offline / Interactive DVD - Mobile Contents - Games - Interactive Computer Graphics - Content Tools & Interface Design - Interactive Installations & Interactive TV- Digital Video & Animations

This year EUROPRIX Top Talent Award celebrates its 10th birthday. Therefore all entered projects will automatically participate in the Diamond Awards and will be evaluated in the following categories:
- Most creative product
- Most creative interface design
- Greatest commercial value
- Outstanding entertainment
- Best social media / web 2.0
- Highest impact on sustainability

For more information go to the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award website.

Call for papers

János Kodolányi University College as promoter of FreesideEurope Online Academic Journal is organizing an international conference with the theme of The Culture of the Information Age to be held in Székesfehérvár, Hungary from October 10 to 11 2007.

We invite abstracts (consisting of 200 words and a short CV) that focus on the themes listed in the attached conference outline. The abstracts sent in will be reviewed and selected by the Editorial Board. Participants will be asked to present a paper and provide a copy of their talks in MS Word format for possible publication.

Deadline for sending abstracts is June 04 2007. Please send your abstracts to the following email address: . The participants whose abstracts have been accepted will be notified by June 20 2007. A detailed program will be sent by September 17 2007.

Kodolányi University College will pay for each presenter the flight to Budapest. But you need to get in touch with the Department of Foreign Relations at Kodolányi in advance and have them order your flight ticket.

(International Office Kodolányi University College
Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Fürdő street 1., Hungary
Telephone/Fax:+36 22 543 377e-mail:

For all participants the College will provide transfer from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to Székesfehérvár and also transfer following the conference venue from Székesfehérvár to Budapest. Accommodation, meals and programs will be provided for the participants as well.

Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award

The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award is an education oriented award programme created to honour the very best in the new age music video clip creation. The award aims to couple educational multimedia teaching programmes with digital art, focusing in discovering and promoting young talents from university environments all over Europe and beyond.

Since 2004 SL:MIMA has been a price of innovation for students and free artists in the sector of cross-media. Moreover there is a unique connection to musicians of New Age music genre. Please visit the new, award winning music delivery plattform for SL:MIMA at In this unique symbiosis the aim is not only to establish a well-known price but to build a network of talented people and support them on their way.

A series of workshops accompanies the programme and is aimed at familiarising students with the whole range of digital art technologies - from visualisation and rendering techniques, to digital aesthetics, cross-media events and interactive virtual spaces, and experiments from the ambient multi-medial area.

For more information look at the pdf document.

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