Sunday, September 30, 2007

Europrix Top Talent Award Jury 2007 (4)

Before midnight all the decisions were taken and the jurors were tired (see photograph). The nominations and the winners were selected. The spokespersons for the jury were chosen. Ideas for upgrading the categories were discussed. Every year the jury looks at the categories; every the comment is voiced that most categories do not cover exactly a terrain. It is a returning discussion. But basically you need to keep in mind the purpose of the Europrix Top talent Award as a competition for young professionals, who are about to jump into big life. Being a nominee and/or winner will be an extra credit for the big jump.

The jurors took leave bear hugging and promising to be present in Graz for the award ceremony. For the last years the award ceremonies were held in the Arsenal in Vienna. Before that there were several other places for the award ceremony like Tampere (Finland), North of Sweden, Lisbon (Portugal) and Cannes (France). This year the award ceremony will still be in Austria, but now in Graz. For me it will be my first time in Graz and I look forwards to it.

Now also the preparations for the award ceremony can start. The nominated teams will have to be invited. The print catalogue will be prepared, while the internet site and the DVD will be ready soon after the award ceremony. Also the award show will have to be designed. Of course also the audience will have to be put together. Rainer Staindler, the project manager for the Europrix Top Talent Award, and his team will have some intensive weeks ahead.

I am planning to go to Graz for more than the award ceremony only. There is in fact a festival during which there will be an exhibition of projects and installation. This will take place in the weekend of 23 and 24 November. The nominated teams will also have a conference with a key-note speaker of format. Besides they will have to pitch and present their project. Parallel to this a conference for multimedia educationalists takes place. Of course the award ceremony is the climax of the weekend. Once the Top Talent Festival is over, a series of road shows throughout start.

BTW If you are a Facebook member look up the album with photographs of Cai Melaskoski.

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