Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Annual blog analysis

I had a change to look over the blog stats of last year. It was in fact the first full year of stats, as I started to log the stats from June 4, 2006. I have no stats at all over the period of the start from May 1, 2005 till June 4, 2006. It is interesting to see the page view, visit and visitor stats. Extrapolating the 2006 figures, the page views over 2007 have increased with some 20 percent. These pages were viewed in 17.026 sessions by 14.651 unique visitors. It means that in every session roughly 1,5 pages have been consulted.

The correlation between the figures of the visits and visitors also demonstrates that this blog is a blog for consulting and not a blog with a faithful flock of followers. Sure 11.117 visitors come back after one visit, but the figure dwindles to 1.363 visits for more than two visits and 522 after three visits. It indicates that the blog is often consulted rather than regularly visited. This is confirmed by the figures of the referrer. There are roughly 4.000 visits from bookmarks; the rest comes in via Google and other search engines.

The top ten of postings give away some pointers as to the public. Buziaulane was set up within the framework of old and new media and content. This means that it can move from Open Source to Microsoft, from crossmedia to serious games, from entertainment to culture and from the European Commission to the Dutch telecom watchdog OPTA. The framework is somewhat reflected in the Top Ten Postings. In the field of content the postings Serious Games for Seniors and Games for Seniors Needed scored high. And I believe seniors are still not being served. Except for Nintendo with the series Brains and More Brains, there is still a complete battle to be won. And I will get into discussion about it with some experts. Interesting is also to see that summer mini-series about Retro Gadgets scored well, certainly after a mention in the Dutch language e-magazine Bright. But also the 2005 Summer mini-series on the history of new media in The Netherlands is still popular. The publishing market postings about educational publishing and the Dutch newspaper market have drawn regular visits.

As for the international reach, visits came from no less than 141 countries over against 124 countries in 2006. The Clustr Map is impressive with many countries where I have not been yet and would love to go. I notice increases in countries where I have been in the past year such as Croatia and Hungary. Due to the World Summit Award Grand Jury in Croatia and the World Summit Award Gala, I met many people from all over the world, from Oman, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Estland, even up to Fiji Islands and I notice that they spread the word about the blog.

As for this new year I am working on a plan. I wrote a few days ago that I see that blog are using more media types such as audio and video and on the other hand are bringing down the time limit from occasionally to regular, weekly and daily, but now to the jittery time limit of twitter. Most likely I will start a new initiative in March 2008. So keep posted.

In my humble opinion it has been worthwhile to run this blog daily and I will keep it up. By now the fizz is out of the champagne so let us get back to work.

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