Thursday, February 28, 2008

BPN 1022 and Universal jointly in live concert videos online announced a recording and multi-territory digital exploitation agreement with Universal Music Netherlands, a division of the world’s leading music company, for live recordings of Universal Music artists performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.Fans from around the globe will have access to live concert videos from international and local Universal Music artists performing at the Paradiso and other Fabchannel related venues. Fabchannel will record concerts of up-and-coming as well as established Universal Music artists in broadcasting quality and make them available for fans to view on and to buy as video and audio downloads on their download service. In addition, Universal Music will distribute the video and audio downloads across digital and mobile services.

For this a giant step forward as the company and the site have been recognised by one of the leading music companies. has been pioneer of the model. The fact that Universal now comes in means a recognition of the business model: an ad-supported live music video model, which enables artists, labels and media companies to make their live music available. The model also gives brands and businesses new ways to connect and interact with a highly-engaged audience of consumers in the 25-and-under youth demographic range.

The cooperation between and Universal Music shows that music content companies are looking for other ways of supporting their distribution channels. So far the music conglomerates have never initiated a service of their own, but have used third parties to distribute music of artists under contract of the music company. Now Universal Music will take part in the distribution of live concert videos online. The agreement comes at a time that the music distribution services are re-arranging and consolidating.

Today has put the concert online gezet op, recently given by the popular US band JIMMY EAT WORLD. This exclusive concert recording opname is the first result of the agreement between and Unoversal Music Benelux. The show, in which the band played hits such as 'The Middle’ and ‘Sweetness’ as well as new songs from the latest record 'Chase This Light’ can be viewed now completely for free. No less than eight cameras registered the concert. The recordings can used on own sites and in profiles through the video widget Fabplayer.

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