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BPN 1046 Dutch numeric domains partly in rebound

The Dutch domain organisation SIDN has reclaimed a large number of numeric domains from two companies. The numeric domains had been hijacked by using excessive computer power during the landrush at the end of February. The foundation SIDN got a lot of criticism from the ISP Association and from politician. There was even a call for removal of the managing director, who claimed that every thing had gone according to the rule book. The ISP Association held a survey among its members; 97 per cent of the responding ISPs though that the procedure was unfair and two third thought that the procedure should be redone. In the meantime SIDN started its own survey and has now reported on the results.

The SIDN examination contains the most important data and results of the analyses and survey, held among the participants of the landrush. The method for the landrush was chosen on the basis of a unanimous recommendation by participants of the Domain debate 2006. Previous to the landrush the interests of holders of existing numeric brands were guaranteed during a sunrise procedure. During the landrush in total 14.409 unique numeric domains were registered by 298 ISPs. The amount represents less than 0,5 per cent of the present .nl domains. However two ISPs did acquire major parts of numeric domains by using excessive computer power. One of the parties, MijnAlbum, had spent no less than 35.000 euro in computer capacity to capture 2.579 numeric domains.

SIDN has now made an agreement with the two parties to return a substantial part of the numeric numbers, acquired by the companies. 4060 domains, selected by SIDN, have been returned without the possibility of cherry picking. They will be re-issued among the participants of the landrush.

SIDN hopes to have solved this question to the satisfaction of the participating ISPs. It has drawn the conclusion that it will have to dictate more regulating and limiting measures against ISPs, acting as brokers, and will have to monitor the process more intensively with the possibility to interfere in the process.

SIDN indirectly admits that the procedure was wrong and has made amends by correcting the procedure. The remark of the managing director that the procedure had gone to the rule book, indicates that SIDN had not foreseen any hijacking. Yet the foundation hides behind the unanimous recommendation of the method by participants of the Domain Debate 2006.

From the SIDN report (which is only in Dutch) some funny facts appear. The most requested numeric domain was; the domain was eventually awarded to FunBit in Leiden. Also, and were sought after domains.

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