Friday, June 13, 2008

BPN 1127 A public broadcast mobile TV platform

The Dutch public broadcast company NOS has launched a series of mobile products, offering news on a mobile, but on various platforms, from mobile telephones to Blackberries and iPhones. All the information available for the broadcast station will be available from traffic jam information, weather report, live video from the Olympic Games and regular news. The information can be called up anywhere: in the train, and in the car. And it is free, except for the data transport of the mobile operator.

Heart of the mobile platform is a specially developed NOS Mobile application, which can be installed on the mobile telephones. Through this application a user gets access to Teletekst, the latest NOS Journal, sports news, weather reports and live television from NOS Journal 24 as well as theme channel Politics 24. For the sports events to which the NOS has the rights, live images can be broadcasted on the mobile platform. During the Olympic Games a user can select one of the six channels and follow live the progress of the games on the mobile. In the mobile platform the broadcast company unites teletext, live television and on-demand video content. Soon programs of other public broadcasting companies become available.

The application has been developed by the broadcasting company in cooperation with weComm and Triple IT. The NOS Mobile application is available for most modern devices and supports the following device platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile, UIQ, J2ME (Java) and Blackberry. In the future the iPhone and Android will be supported. In total more than 200 devices will be able to receive the Mobile Platform. The usage of the mobile application is for free. However the data line usage has to be paid by a flat fee subscription. The platform can also be used though wifi.

Besides the application there is also a NOS Mobile website available, produced by the Dutch company Momac. The website can serve as an alternative for storing the application on the mobile; however live television channels and teletext services are not included. Especially for people with only a GPRS subscription, a light service without photographs and video has been prepared.

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