Sunday, March 29, 2009

BPN 1319 Trailblazing for the 2009 World Summit Award Grand Jury

This week the 2009 World Summit Award Grand Jury will gather in New Dehli. Some 35 multimedia experts come from all over the world and some 15 people are local and Austrian staff.

The Austrian staff is already in New Dehli in the hotel where the competition will be. Things are happening with a slight delay, I understand. The Internet connection requested will be linked up as soon as possible, so that the installations can be tested. It is warm and damp in New Dehli, but not burning, I hear. For the coming days the weather is okay till Wednesday. I arrive on Thursday morning, but then rain is forecasted. Rooms are on air-conditioning, but the aircondioning does not look as heavy duty as in the Middle East. Good news: the European plugs work here without adapters.

It will be a big reunion of staff members, former eminent jurors and the moderation team. The former eminent jurors will be from the 2003 edition in Dubai, the 2005 edition in Bahrain and the 2007 edition in Croatia. But there will be also new blood, a contingent of new jurors. The whole event has been organised by IDCF [India Digital Content Forum], an initiative of the Indian Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) with support of the Indian Government Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and the World Summit Award.

The Grand Jury will start with the summit 21st Century India through Digital Content. The one-day summit is designed to be highly interactive with 40international experts who would be a mix of panels for various sessions, and there would be around 40 other diverse experts from government, business and social sectors from various parts of India. After the inaugural session, the day would be divided into 3 sessions with sub thematic group panels and participants as subject experts. Focused discussions on 3 series of topics with digital content and new media are Business, Enterprise & Livelihoods; Education & Culture; Governance & Inclusive Development. The Summit will close with a valedictory session. At the summit a book entitled Development & Digital Inclusion: Innovative Deployment Of Digital Content & Services For Masses, Cases From South Asia will be launched.

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