Friday, March 23, 2012

BPN 1597: Media Update Netherlands

Dutch online ad market: more than 1 billion euro
In 2011 the Dutch online advertisement market gained a turn-over of more than one billion euro for the first time. That is a growth of 12 per cent compared to 2010, according to the Interactive Advertisement Bureau Netherlands (IAB Netherlands). For 2012 it expects a growth of 7,7 per cent due to the economic crisis. For the increase of sold advertisement online the rise of automated trading is important. Advertisers automatically acquire space in places where people come with the most wanted profile. However most turn-over is being made on advertisements through search engines. There is hardly advertisement via websites on small screens or apps.

Online spending rose to 9 billion euro in 2011
The sale of products and services via internet rose to 8,89 billion euro in The Netherlands in 2011, a gain of 9 per cent. There were 900.000 users ordering through internet for the first time, raising the total of online buyers in The Netherlands to 10,5 million people (on a population of 16,5 million inhabitants). This announcement was made by the umbrella organisation in a new edition of the half year market monitor. Also the number of orders considerably rose with 13 per cent to a total of 89 million online orders. The largest segment remains travel (3,7 billion euro), followed by telecom (1,1 billion euro) and clothing (360 million euro).

Dutch surf volume increases substantially
The use of internet continues to grow in The Netherlands with no less than 18 per cent. Only a small part of the increase can be attributed to the increase of the new internet users; the increase is mainly accounted for by the time spent on internet by the existing users. In 2010 this was 8,3 hours a week, in 2011 time online rose to 9,8 hours a week. These figures come from the accessibility research Media Standard Survey by JIC, STIR, SKO, NLO and NOM. The researchers define 87 per cent of the surfers as people older than 13 years of age.

(These bullets have been translated from the Media Update Newsletter with permission of the publisher Media Update)

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