Monday, December 17, 2012

BPN 1618: e-Content Award Italy

Last week I was invited to be present at the award ceremony of the eContent Award Italy in Milano. It was a great time. Milano at Christmas time was surprising. Around the Duomo was a Christmas market with many stalls, filled mostly with regional food products.

Out of the many submissions winners have been selected and the received their awards. The organizer, dottore Alfredo Ronchi, secretary general to the MEDICI framework, had put together a program with national and international speakers.

The organiser Alfredo Ronchi and Jak Boumans

"Initiatives such as the World Summit Award are a concrete testimony to the commitment that is  increasingly given to innovative and creative products and services,” said John Paul Del Nero, commissioner for economic development, job training and the Province of Milan. “The explosion of digital content facilitates the transfer of knowledge, experiences and best practices in all areas, from health to science, from politics to the economy, until you get to culture and entertainment. This access and use of applications targets everyday use."

"Innovation is the strategic element on which to base the present and the future of economic development and society as a whole,” said Cristina Tajani Assessor to work, economic development, universities and research of the Municipality of Milan. “The Milan City Council has identified the areas of creativity and dissemination of innovation for central and sustainable development and this should catch in particular the attention of the younger generations. Initiatives as the WSA contribute actively to spread the creativity and innovation of citizens, businesses and even institutions, both at a national and at an international level. It is in a concrete way an enriching “confrontation" with more than 170 nations."

"This initiative dedicated to companies and institutions,” said Giorgio Rapari, director of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, “demonstrates for all local institutions, that innovation is crucial to overcome the crisis and improve the competitiveness of our economic system."

Pierpaolo Saporito, a high level advisor of GAID, president and founder Infopoverty Occam program & conference, said in his speech: "This award is unique in the UN, and important because it not only enhances the creativity of companies and individuals, but stimulates new generations to see the opportunities that the digital revolution is opening, thus counteracting the wave of pessimism that pervades the current ruling class, who sees off the old world born during the industrial revolution.”

Ralph Simon with Madalina Tomita
Ralph Simon, chief executive officer of Mobilium Global and the founder of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) started out with some light notes, mentioning that many people were fast becoming ‘screenagers’ as they have become addicted to their smartphones and tablets. But he also indicated that this mobile movement will offer new opportunities never dreamt of. Apps can be produced in a short time and enhance the experience of an environment. And we have only started as smartphones can be part of eHealth, measuring blood pressure and detecting illnesses.

Photographs movies of the ceremony are available:

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