Thursday, May 30, 2013

BPN 1636: Kids in search for lost Leonardo

By searching for GPS codes primary school kids can win a copy of the e-book Secret Scouts and  the Lost Leonardo. In the week of 27 May till 31 May the e-books can be found in the school courts. By collecting GPS codes with the app Repudo for iPad and Android, the e-book Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo.  The book has been written by Dennis and Wendel Kind.

The story tells of friends Tom, Lisa, Sophie and Jack, who get hold of a strange sketch. This changes their  normal life  completely. They want to know exactly where the sketch comes from. It appears that they are the trail of great secret, which brings them into dangerous situations. They steal an antique manuscript in Paris, play along in a century old sports game, have to move unseen  through the Italian city of Florence with a corpse and have to solve riddles about Leonardo da Vinci. With danger for their own life they continue the search.  Will they find the truth of the Lost Leonardo?
The book has been hailed by Dutch authors as easy to read and with a lot of suspense, like a movie, informative and contemporary.  
The action is in the framework of promotion of reading pleasure and historical art awareness but by using modern technologies such as GPS codes.

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