Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dutch Trial CC soon to start

The Dutch music collecting association BUMA/STEMRA will offer composers and text writers the opportunity to offer their work under creative commons licenses, giving them more flexibility in the management of their rights. A trial with Creative Commons will soon start.

The trial of Creative Commons Nederland and Buma/Stemra has been in the works for more than one-and-a half year now. But even after the announcement there are details on the opportunities offered by the trial.

A number of BUMA/STEMRA members have wished more flexibility in managing their own rights. Now composers and text writers transfer the management to BUMA/STEMRA and can not do anything when they want to make a deal to have their music on a particular site. With the licensing system of Creative Commons, they can allow remixing or free promotion.

BUMA/STEMRA recognizes that this trial is going to be important for them as an organization and for collecting associations in general. So far they have been very strict in applying rule for the management of rights. In fact collecting societies have been accused of running a monopoly.

Bands and music lovers protested last May against the inflexible licensing system of BUMA/STEMRA. Some one thousand people signed a petition on The initiative takers demanded from BUMA/STEMRA that they would get more freedom in the distribution of their material.

BUMA/STEMRA was not impressed by the petition as it already had a solution for music makers, who want to put their own music on their own site. Also groups like web casters have been able to license music online since May 2007.

BUMA/STEMRA will unveil their plans for the new, flexible rights management on August 23, 2007.

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