Friday, March 08, 2013

BPN 1629: EVA continues

The European Virtual Academy (EVA) is running spring semester. The original European Virtual Academy (EVA) project funded by EU is over but the project goes on with three courses this spring. For next year the partners prepare a new bid to extend EVA to other fields of education and bring it on the next level. There are many European universities considering to join EVA.




Poster by Emilia Kwiatkowska, EVA-logo by
Alexandra Ostasheva. Both TAMK Media
Programme students

The courses of EVA spring semester are:

Image Interpretation
BabeĊŸ-Bolyai University (Romania)
This course is dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of images. Visual interpretations will be performed and the focus of the course is to develop examining skills for any type of images available in the visual culture (from classical paintings to digitally processed images).

Social Media in Communication and Community Building
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
After completing the course the student knows how to use social networking, blog publishing, micro blogging services to broadcast and to communicate with targeted audiences. (S)he is also able to establish and moderate online discussion groups and wikis for knowledge and community building.

Interactive Movies
Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
The course introduces students to the concept of interactive storytelling and digital narratives. For the purpose of this course the term “interactive movie” will refer to animated, filmed, video game-based and any other kind of movies following a main story but enabling user interaction. Interactive movies implement interactive dramaturgies and typically use technologies to allow users to influence the storylines.

All courses give 5 credits and run until end of May. The courses are open for students of member universities.
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Eva is an initiative of partners who met in the Academic Network Conferences organised by the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM). EADiM is proud of EVA and congratulates the consortium with the continuation.


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