Monday, February 15, 2016

BPN 1725: Early Dutch videogames in RTV Sound and Vision archive

On Monday 15 February the Dutch RTV Institute for Sound and Vision will receive an important collection of early video games, including popular titles like Hopeless and Endless from the Dutch game developer Radarsoft. These games have been released in the 80s for the Commodore 64 and MSX computers. The collection also includes several well-known educational games, such as Topography Netherlands and Tempo Typing, which were used in the Dutch NCRV television program It's All in the Game. 

Media consumption in the Netherlands is no longer limited to the traditional channels of radio and television. Therefore, Sound and Vision, the RTV media archive in Hilversum, decided to expand its archive with new collection areas, such as video games and Internet culture. 

"Our audience wants to experience how video games have become an integral part of the daily media consumption. Preserving and keeping the  Dutch game productions playable is therefore essential to our archive."
Jan Müller, Managing Director of Image and Sound 

"From the point of nostalgia we feel it is important that young audiences have knowledge of them. For many people, these old games are a moment of remembrance. Games often were the first introduction to the computer."
Edwin Neuteboom, co-founder of Radarsoft 

National agenda
The transfer of the Radarsoft collection of Sound coincides with the first expert meeting as part of a national agenda for sustainable archiving of video games. Universities, colleges, cultural institutions and representatives of the gaming industry come together on Monday, February 15th at Sound and Vision to determine what is needed to secure the game's heritage for the future. Especially the interactive nature of games and the shift from offline to online make saving games a complex task. 

For more info: Sound and Vision

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