Friday, October 14, 2016


These are the category winners chosen by the Grand Jury in Cyprus in September 2016. The Grand Jury event was kindly hosted by The Republic of Cyprus and the Digital Champion Cyprus  and facilitated by by the Uclan Cyprus university. The event was supported by CYTA, MTN, European Commission, CITEA, Cablenet and PrimeTel as well as by the Council of Europe.

Category: Healthy Life: (fitness | nutrition | healthcare | med tech)
Winning projects:  Be My Eyes | DayCape | Mira 

Category: Smart Learning (education | e-skills | open science | infotainment)
Winning projects: Animal Hero Universe | Unimersiv 

Connecting Cultures: (language | travelling | diversity | new communities)
Winning projects: VEASYT Live! 

Category: Go Green(sustainable energy | mobility | smart cities | climate change)
Winning projects: HAIZE | 

Category: Active Citizenship (citizen journalism | social cohesion | human rights | (wo)men empowerment)
Winning projects: FreeCom | 

Category: Money Matters (financial literacy | employment | fundraising | fin tech)
Winning projects: Poslonaut/HireApp 

Special Category: migration | integration | inclusion | refugee movement
Winner: to be announced on October 19, 2016 

Special category: know-center_knowawardKnow Award
Winner: to be announced on October 19, 2016

More information on the winning EYA projects and the EYA Festival Graz, go to:

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