Sunday, December 31, 2006

Flash: My iLiad cracked up

My iLiad eReader did not live to see the New Year. Last night I cracked the screen by putting my elbow on it accidentally. I heard it crack up. I had a look at it and saw that the device was still working, be it with a much darker screen. Conclusion: part of the screen cracked up; part of it is still operational, be it dark; the software is still working (see photograph).

The small accident did remind me of one of the recommendations I gave iRex Technologies after buying and testing the eReader tablet. The tablet will need a flap as screen protection, preferably a padded flap. It might prevent invidents like cracking the screen.

Unless I hear differently, this is the first copy of the iLiad, which goes out of commission. I will stall it at my new media museum, next to the Rocketbook (see photograph).

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BTW Reading the iLiad at night might be a problem due to the page power.
A USB lamp might help! Perhaps a suggestion for iRex Technologies to design an iLiad accessory in cooperation with Philips.

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