Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's bloggers' day

It looks like blogs day. The Blog Herald blog has made an estimate of how many blogs there are in the world. It is an interesting inventory, but reading the comments it is clear that the figures of many countries are not in the inventory. For example the Spanish weblogs, called splogs, have not been taken into account. Here is the list as borrowed from the Dutch blog Marketingsfacts.nl:

(Please tick on the table for enlargement)

Also Edelman and Technorati, my favourite blog search engine, have completed a report that examines how traditional blogging and PR intersect and what bloggers think about mainstream companies. The full results are now available. Some highlights:

34% primarily blog to be seen as an authority in their field.
Over 50% blog about companies at least once per week.
63% believe blogs are the most trustworthy source of product information.
Over 98% take steps to correct factually incorrect portions of a blog post.
Over 80% prefer to receive information from non-executives.

Blogs of individual employees are considered more trustworthy than blogs endorsed by a corporation.

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