Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Week in Brussels: I wifi in Brussels

Yesterday, I got online with iBahn (curious such a German brandname in Belgium) in Brussels. I had to buy a card in the hotel with a long number with 14 digits for 10 euro. The porter also gave a small promotion brochure of iBahn.

The charming Hotel du Congres

It took a while before the wifi worked. The card with the long number did not have any instructions. In the neighbourhood of the hotel I discovered more than 8 wifi connections, but nowhere the name of iBahn. So the best choice was to try them all. In the end I discovered on the card with that user unfriendly number that I should use STSN wifi. This yielded at last an iBahn log-on page. Having filled out the long number with 14 digits, it took some time, but I got online.

The performance of the network is abominable. The strength is overall very low or red in the colourcode, sometimes changing to yellow and seldom to green. This low connection is a problem to some applications, which do not get connected. But last night there was an advantage to this slow speed, the access sold for an hour lasted for almost 24 hours.

So I bought another one today, of course hoping that it will last again 24 hours.

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