Sunday, October 23, 2005

A week in Brussels

Brussels is the final destination today. I have an assignment for the European Commission. I will stay in Brussels for a whole week.

I have been working for the European Commission in a range of capacities from evaluator of proposals, rapporteur, reviewer, expert, work package leader of several projects and partner in several projects since 1983.

Franco Mastroddi in 1980 in The Hague demonstrating the European datanetwork EURONET*Diane

In 1982 I was at the Online Conference in London when I met the EU official Franco Mastroddi. I was working at that time for the publishing company VNU Business Publications in London. I was busy with new media projects, amongst others setting up a daily electronic newsletter for the computing industry. The project fitted in the Document Delivery programme, which was presented in 1983. By 1984 the project IDB Online was launched in Europe and a quarter later in the US.

EC involvement
2005 : EC assignment
2004 : project reviews for the e-content program
2004 : Teacher INYOP cross-media movie project, co-funded by EU Media
2004 : Teacher X-Melina cross-media project, co-funded by EU MEDIA
2003 : Teacher X-Melina cross-media project, co-funded by EU MEDIA
2003 : Rapporteur on Open Source proposals
2002 -2003 : partner INFORM project
2002 : Work package leader 2 in IST project ACTeN
2002 : Work package leader in MEDIA project X-Melina
2002 : project reviewer EC projects on multimedia content
2002 : evaluator e-Content proposals
2001 : contributor to IPPA report; evaluator and rapporteur IST KA 5, III
1999, 2000 : evaluator and rapporteur IST KA 5, III
1995, 1996, 1997 : rapporteur TAP Information Engineering
1993 : author of the IMO working paper on CD based media 1987-1992
1992, 1993, 1994: evaluator IMPACT II, sector multimedia publishing
1991 : part of the Brokerits study team on multilingual thesauri
1989 : evaluator IMPACT I, sector intelligent interfaces
1988 : part of the Dutch research team for the HERMES document delivery system by satellite
1987 : study on the economics of electronic information with the French research institute IDATE
1986 : co-researcher in the study KIOSK with French company Quadrature
1983-85 : DOCDEL programme, launching the first European daily online newsletter

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