Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking back and forwards (1)

It is the period of looking back and forwards. And this is what I will be doing for the rest of the festive period. I will be looking back at statistics of Buziaulane as they are delivering some insight about the subjects that people interest. But I will also look forwards and look at pointing to future trends.

Let us start with the blog stats. Thanks to Onestat, I am able to get some bearing of the audience. I should note that the Onestat statistics are only of half year and not of a full year. BTW you can check the stats, by going down the blog till you meet the Onestat icon; by clicking on it you will be able to see the stats going till June 22, 2006.

How many people do visit the blog in the past half year? Looking at the stats this morning, Buziaulane had almost 10.000 pageviews, with just over 7.000 visits generated by 5.700 visitors. Projecting these figures over the whole year, one can concluded that the blog has had some 19.000 pageviews, some 14.000 visits and some 11.000 visitors.

How much do visitors read? On average a visitor reads almost 2 pages and 1.4 pages per visit. The conclusion is that visitors are coming to the blog either prompted by remarks in other blogs (Marketingfacts, Villamedia, Redhat, Telereader) or just want to see what the subject is. There is only a small group of regular readers, which make up about 10 percent.

Looking at the months, I see that July, August and September were the busiest months. After that the line goes down. There are two conclusions possible. The subjects were more interesting in these months. Another conclusion can be that people have more time in these months to look around blogs. By the end of next years we will see what conclusion is valid.

Interesting is to see the geographical distribution of the readers. The map next to the blog is an indication of the distribution for the month. It shows that there are readers ranging from Hawaii to New Zealand and from Finland to Brasil. In the past half years we have received visitors of more than 100 countries. Half of the visitors comes from the Netherlands. The other half is divided over 102 countries.

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