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TTA 2006: Digital Video and Animations

This category is always worth a discussion in as far as interactivity in the digital video entries. So again this year. The movie if( ) then( ) else( ) did draw discussion on two points: interactivity and its content. The movie was captured on a home video the images redefined on a computer. Yet the contents was heavy as a dichotomy was present between reality and an actor attempting to recreate convincingly the predicament.

As far as the animation entries there was no problem for the jury. The nomination was a star product. Given the origin it had to be. The nomination Tadam was an entry from students of the Paris Ecole d’Images de Gobelin. This school has had winners for the last three years: such as ,261001, (2004), DVD-Maxi edelweiss Müller juicy panic (overall winner of 2004) and Non-violence (2003). The education method of this school , a combination of school labour and internships in a company, generate beautiful multimedia projects. Besides the students do get into industry. With this year’s entry the students brought puppeteering to multimedia. Virtual puppeteering has been done before. In this case it was digitising the art of puppeteering.

Here are the laudations of the jury.

Tadam (France) is a multimedia puppet show which brings computer animations to life and stages the animation film in a traditional theatre. Users initially build up a plot scene by scene through the director module and can select different well-designed graphic environments and themes. The show can be pre-cut in several parts. Using software similar to moviemaker, static sequences (e.g. transition, fade or text) or sound effects can be added, edited and saved. The puppeteers are free to manipulate 3D marionettes in real time by interacting with a wooden cross lever which is equipped with movement sensors. The puppet’s mouth can even be animated by speaking through a microphone. Once the show is performed, it can be burned on DVD. Hand-crafted and fully customisable for beginners or professionals, Tadam continues the reinvention of this ancient art.
Team: Jonathan Da Costa, Jean-Kanora You, Nicolas Rajabaly, Mathieu Allemand

Cinema trades off its fundamental claim on authenticity, its power deriving from this basic capacity to capture reality 24 frames a second. However, digital media redefines the very identity of cinema because data is processed through a computer. if( ) then( ) else( ) (Ireland) utilises some aesthetic issues arising from recent developments in image technology. It uses a home-video aesthetic and the experience of encountering multiple streams of different media through the computer interface. This film explores the link between cinema and reality by portraying the problem of expressing the reality of terrorism on film. if ( ) then ( ) else ( ) asks the viewer to think about what is more real and convincing: home video footage of an actor expressing his frustrations of not being able to act authentically enough, or the apparently real documentary footage of a terrorist hostage which inspired him?
Team: Francis Heery, Carole Holohan, Mike Liffey
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