Friday, July 20, 2007

Flash: Approval German state aid to search engine project

A year ago Europe represented by Germany and France were going to put up a battle with Google. Plans for a European multimedia search engine were put on the table. But even before the plans left the drawing tables, there was a split. The Germans and the French could not agree on a common strategy. So Germany went its own way and started up the Theseus research project and France went the Quaero way, aiming to develop the most advanced multimedia search engine worldwide, which would translate, identify and index images, audio and text; in short the TGV under search engines. And the projects are still alive. Having supported the Theseus project, the German government asked the European Commission to approve state support to the tune of 110 million euro and it did so.. This should keep Siemens, SAP, Thomson and Empolis, a Bertelsmann subsidiary, going. France is also likely to shell out state support to the tune of 75 million euro, but has not reached an agreement yet with the European Commission.


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