Saturday, July 14, 2007

Going back in time

Holiday in the Netherlands has started for some time now. But last night it was officially kicked off. It was Friday 13th of July and it will be 11 months on before another Friday will be on Friday. Reason enough for Arko van Brakel of the Nieuwe helden (New Heroes) to throw a party, complete with music. For the party he invited people he had worked with in the past, which makes up a nice group of internet experts.

Arko (see photograph) and I got to talk about I told him about my Bahrain trip and he was very interested, more than a casual listener. It turned out that Arko had been to Bahrain in 1995 to talk about internet. He would be completely surprised to find out that internet is now part of life, also in Bahrain. He should see all the government systems such as the electronic visa application and the hospital information system. But he has never been back in Bahrain since.

I had also taken my text iPOD iLiad along and showed it to him and other people. They were very impressed with the immaculate and beautiful screen. They toyed around with it and leaved through some books on the iLiad.

So the holiday can start. I will not be on holiday now. So I will continue this blog. Tomorrow I start with a mini-series on content artefacts from my museum. I will go back in time starting with the iLiad and going back to 1977, stopping to commemorate DVD, CD-ROM and CD-I, but also the three waves of electronic books, my first portable PC, the videotext executive terminal, but also the first PC software. I will end the series with the Apple IIe. Main focus will be on the content side and my personal recollections. So go with us back in time.

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