Monday, July 02, 2007

Mobile entertainment (1)

Today I will be in Haarlem at a two-day symposium about mobile entertainment in the future. It is a symposium set up by students of the Inholland College.

The first day is the most exciting, I guess. It starts with a demonstration of trends and developments, followed by a speaker of KPN about the mobile network. Next will be a speaker of Microsoft about new developments. I guess we will not hear yet that Microsoft is going to have its own Jezus machine.

The next block is about near filed communication and location based gaming, a trend which is not allowed to prosper. As soon as the term location based is used, you will find a privacy knight around who wants to fight the barbarians. Especially the Germans have a strong interpretation of privacy.

In the afternoon it looks like the creative industry will present, but a closer look tells me that there will be talks on technical subjects such as mobile software now and in the future; audio and video on a mobile; programming in Java; security on the mobile.

On Tuesday there will be three workshops: Flash basics; flash action script; GPS trip. These workshops are repeated three times.

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