Monday, October 15, 2007

Europrix TTA 2007 nominations

The nominations of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award have been published. The list and screen shots are available online. As a juror I can now talk freely about the nominations (but I can not say anything about the winners). Of course anyone can go through the list for him/herself and look at the entries and links, but I just show my personal preferences.

In the category Mobile Contents is the most hilarious entry CHEFi Interactive Cooking Guide from Israel, produced by Igor Ginzburg of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. I should perhaps be more precise. The promotion movie is most hilarious. The project is very practical. The entry is about a mobile cooking assistant. No screens in the kitchen as even kitchen builders once would you like to believe. Just a simple mobile. Dowload the recipe and you can start with the spaghetti. The project took the fancy of Reuters for a report. But have a look at the promotion movie under the Reuters one. It is a riot. Besides this practical solution for cooking, Igor Ginzburg knows how to sell his project. He will go a long way in the interactive marketing world.

In the category Interactive Computer Graphics the entry Mijn naam is Haas from my home country the Netherlands produced by Sanneke Prins from the Utrecht School of the Arts has been chosen. It is a beautiful DVD-ROM production for young children. It combines storytelling and nice graphics. Besides it is an aid for teaching languages regardless the specific language.

In the category Interactive Installations and Interactive TV there was an intriguing entry: Performative Ecologies from the UK by Ruairi Glynn, Bartlett School of Architecture. On the site it says: 'Performative Ecologies' examines the potential of responsive environments to engage in gestural and performative forms of non-verbal communication and conversation. To me it was the installation has charm by its intelligence and capacity to learn.

In the category Content Tools and Interface Design the entry Strip Mine from Slovenia by Andraž Tori, RTV Slovenia was surprising. The project follows the trend in broadcast archiving to cut video up in small independent parts (mico-chunking). A photograph, the digital text of the item and the link to the video are presented. The text is automatically linked to items in Wikipedia and bloggers are alerted by the Slovanian broadcast to the item; they can quote the right text of the item in their postings. (I guess they should have another name. I know what a strip mine is in mining. But I guess the entry will be searched by the wrong people; yes a dirty mind is a joy for ever!).

In the category Digital Video and Animations the entry Life-Line from Hungary by Tomek Ducki from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is very impressive. It is not online yet, but it should be published on YouTube. It is really worthwhile.
The winners in the categories and the overall TTA winner will be presented with the awards in Graz (Austria) on November 24, 2007.

Tulse Luper Journey to end today
Last year The game Tulse Luper Journey won the Europrix Top Talent Award 2006 in the category of Games. It is part of Peter Greenaway’s multi-platform project: The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Tulse Luper is the lead character in an ambitious series of projects initiated by film director Peter Greenaway. So far, the project includes three feature films, a series of DVD’s, travelling exhibitions, books, publications and this online game produced by the Dutch company Submarine. The online game finishes today. For many a player or researcher it will mean that they do not know what to do with their time. As one of the participants Hikari expresses this on the forum: “So uh... what happens after the contest is over?”

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