Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mindtrek 2007 (extra)

Thursday evening after the conference, a reception was held in the old town hall. It is an old building in the center of Tampere. It is famous as from its balcony the voting rights for women were confirmed in 1905 and one year later the right for women to be chosen to the contitutional bodies; with that decision Finland was the first European country not only to recognise the right to voting to women, but also the right to be elected to the constitutional bodies. The old town hall has a beautiful chandelier in the reception hall and it sports a nice collection of paintings.

After the reception at the old own hall the show Cause and Effect was on the programme. It is a one hour program by Chris Hales and Teijo Pellinen (first picture). The show starts with an ice hockey duel; the puck is pushed forward by the shouting of the audience.

Besides the intensity of sound as an interface, other interafces such as light and yellow gloves were demonstrated. An they worked.

At the end of the module with the yellow gloves, they were returned to the presenters by throwing them on the floor. The show ended with another ice hockey match. The score was 3 to 3, when the light bulb of the beamer died.

By Friday afternoon the Dutch delegation had to return to Helsinki Airport. The bus driever suggested to take a touristic route along lakes and the city of Hämeenlinna. It was a beautiful tour. The Dutch delegation split in two groups, flying with Finnair as well as with KLM. The Finland trip was over.

The photographs marked with the date in yellow have been taken by Cai Melakoski. The last picture was taken by myself.

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