Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mindtrek 2007 (extra)

Mindtrek always has a fine social agenda. After the conference presntations it started with a reception in honour of the 15th anniversary of the Hypertext Media lab, where Jarmo Vittelli is active. Beside drinks ther was the inevitable professors band; this time without the singing saw

Also at the reception was Sohvo Sirkesalo (above), all dressed up for the award presentation at the gala. The gala was openend by the Mindtrek chairperson Jarmo Vittelli (below left) and and vice chairperson Irina Blomqvist (below right).

The winner of the Mindtrek Award of 2007 was Mindvision Oy. They took home a prize of 20.007 euro. After the awards ceremony the band played on in the seventies nightclub of the Scandic Rosendahl Hotel.

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