Thursday, October 30, 2008

BPN 1257 Dutch MySpace facing the music

Just after half a year of operation in The Netherlands, MySpace has given up efforts to conquer the Dutch. MySpace was unable to seduce the Dutch to move from their home-grown Hyves social network to MySpace, despite all the music that was promised to the subscribers. The Dutch version of MySpace will continue to exist but will be directed from Berlin (Germany).

In February 2008 The Dutch branch of MySpace was officially launched with a lot of big talk. MySpace had studied the Dutch market and had thought about acquiring the Dutch network Hyves with some 7 million subscribers. In order to lure subscribers MySpace promised a lot of local content and even more music. But in my posting of February 10, 2008 I already pointed to the fact that MySpace Nederland was late in the market and would have a hard time fighting itself in. A subscriber of a social network is not just leaving the provider for music; he/she stays with his/her friends. Eventually MySpace had to face the music.

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