Sunday, May 22, 2005

Golden Palm for European movie

The movie L’Enfant (The child) has been awarded a Golden Palm at the film festival in Cannes (FR). The movie was made by the Belgian brothers Dardenne. The add this award to their palmares as they picked up an award in Cannes in 1999 for their movie Rosetta. The press gave the movie a lukewarm welcome.

Golden Palm movie L'Enfant by the Belgian bros Dardenne. Posted by Hello

The movie industry in Europe is fragmented. Although every country of the 25 EU countries has their own audio visual industry, production facilities and venture capital are fragmented. Due to the strong policy of the European commissioner Viviane Reding European and a support budget for 513 million euro between 2001 and 2006, movies are surfacing and competing with American movies for awards. Of course distribution remains a problem as there is a difference in mentality between Europe and the States, while dubbing and subtitling add costs. Nine out of ten films distributed outside their production country are supported by the EU MEDIA programme.

Yet this year 12 EU supported movies were selected for showing in Cannes. These movies together received support up to a tune of 1,25 million euro. The award winning movie received only 4.009 euro (watch the 9 euro).

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