Sunday, May 08, 2005

This is a collage which was drawn for the launching of IDB Online in December 1984. It contains a copy of the paper newsletter. Telecom Gold was the host/server company. The background was inspired by the masts at Brow Head, one of the most Southern point of Ireland from where Marconi established his first wireless transmission. Marconi was in nearby Crookhaven during his search for a suitable site to send the first transatlantic message. He had masts at Brow Head and put a telegraphic transmitter on the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse. A recent storm took all the sand out of Galley Cove and exposed the huge cables that connected the Fastnet with his radio room in Crookhaven. In 1931 Mizen Head Signal Station had the first radio Beacon in Ireland - it spanned the whole gorge at the Bridge.

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