Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's stats day

It is statistics day. Last night I picked up some statistics at a meeting of marketing people (courtesy of Piet Hein Knoop of Evident). The stats have been published in the Dutch financial daily Het Financieele Dagblad and I added some other stats.

Inhabitants of The Netherlands: 16,3 million
- 79% of 16 years and older have ever used internet
- 12 million internet users (73,5%)

Households in The Netherlands: 7 million
- 3,16 million households (45%) having a broadband access
- 90% youth (12-15 jr.) uses broadband

70% of the Dutch companies have ADSL or a faster connection

14,3 million mobile telephone subscriptions

Media spending will increase with 5,8% in 2005
- Media spending on television increases with 5%
- Media spending on Internet increases with 20%
- Media spending in dailies, magazines, radio, outdoor and movie theatre decrease with 11%

Online spending:
- 2003: 25% of the internetters buy on Internet
- 2004: 32% of the internetters buy on Internet
- 2005 (so far): 44% of the internetters buy on Internet
- Especially booking of travels on Internet have increased
- 63% banks electronically

Today the market research company Trendbox has published a report on the use of Internet from 1995 till 2005. Ten years ago only 1% of the population of 16 years and older used internet. The early adopters usually lived in the area between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, also known as the Randstad, were males, were young and were highly educated. Now the balance is more representative: the geographical distribution is more equal for the whole country, the gender distribution has improved drastically and is equal now between males and females, while 30% of the senior citizens is online every week.

It is funny to look back at the stats. This year it is 25 years ago that The Netherlands went online. In 1980 there were roughly 400 people who could spell the word online. Now online has 12 million users in The Netherlands and has become a household word.

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