Sunday, May 01, 2005

Starting to labour on a blog

It is May 1st, 2005. In The Netherlands people are tired, as they have celebrated Queens' day and her 25 jubilee. But as it is sunny weather, people can go to the beach. I did not celebrate Queens' day as I am a republican by heart. On the other hand May 1st is not my cup of tea either. Although in the UK, where I used to live in the eighties, they celebrate Labour Day with a holiday on Monday. So not being bound to any convention, this Sunday gives me time to start up my blog and start labouring.

I have chosen the name Buziaulane. It is the English version of my home address. I am living in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I work from my homebase. This is the start when I travel around in Holland, Europe and the rest of the world. And all my mail originates from there for the time being; I hope to be mobile soon as well. It is in fact my lookout. In order to stress that point I have annexed an architectural landmark in this street, a building from the artchitects Alberts and van Huut which can be classified as organic architecture. It is a building with not one straight wall, but it has a tower.

My intention is to write daily about events happening in my professional life. I am a consultant in new media and specialised in content strategy. You can expect stories about multimedia competitions, my work for the European Commission and my involvement in the World Summit Award. The month of May will be very busy as the competition is going into the jury phase and the nominations for the Dutch pre-selection of the World Summit Award will be selected. If you want to have a peep of I am talking about, go to 2004 . But more things happen. In June I will be in Vienna and Brussels. And I will report about events which happen around the world and in which I am involved in one or another way, as well as about my friends throughout the world.

Interspersed you will find some articles I have written in the past and are still worthwhile as well reference to which I am going to refer you to. In fact I preparing this weekend for example the newsletter Content Market Monitor (CMM). The April edition of the newsletter, which I inherited from the EU project ACTeN, reports about revenues of content segments.

Have a nice Labour Day!

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