Monday, January 30, 2006 2006: a new round, new chances

Later than planned, the foundation has started with the fourth edition of the Dutch language multimedia content competition. But at last we have started and have the bilingual (Dutch and English) catalogue of the 2005 edition in our hand. The DVD, produced by CDA, in the catalogue was ready in September last year, but the printing was a problem. But now we can start attracting new entrants and sponsors for the edition 2006. The fourth edition will be different in three points.

First of all was so far supported by a national association of graphimedia entrepreneurs, CMBO. But last year the association and the organisers decided to put the competition into a foundation, together with some other promotion activities.

The second change will be that will also actively attract entrants from Belgium or better from Flanders. The competition has been from the start a Dutch language competition. So it is not bound by the geographical border of the Netherlands. But as Dutch is spoken in Flanders, Belgium, and in the North of France, Dutch Antilles and Surinam, entrants could come from these areas. Of course also multilingual entries from other countries are welcome as long as there is a Dutch track. But now we are actively canvassing Flanders. This is done by Rudi Vansnick, the Belgian ISOC president.

The third change is that of categories. So far we followed a category scheme of the Europrix of 1998 till 2002. But now the foundation has decided to change to the scheme of the World Summit Award. The categories have a social dimension. Besides we will be able to enter projects in these categories for the next round of the World Summit Award in 2007. So the categories will be:

1. e-Learning
2. e-Culture
3. e-Science
4. e-Government
5. e-Health
6. e-Business
7. e-Entertainment
8. e-Inclusion
9. Top Talent for students and young professionals till 30 years

Entries can be forwarded till April 1, 2006. In March the jury members will be announced. By the end of May the nominations will be known and on June 8, 2006 the winners will be selected. On that day there will be a public jury hearing and company fair at the HRO, part of Rotterdam University in Rotterdam.

I will report regularly on the progress of this year’s edition of the

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