Thursday, January 26, 2006

Full monty

The movie production goes digital. The distribution goes digital and the projection goes digital. But so far the digital movie value chain has not been demonstrated integrally. Now such a world premier will be shown in the Netherlands with Stava Erusa, a short documentary movie about human awareness.

The movie is an idealistic project about the deep unanswered questions of life. One of the producers is the new age entrepreneur Ronald Jan Heijn, a descendant of the Ahold multinational. The distribution will be handled by Warner Home Video.

The production has been done digitally. The movie will be distributed digitally by CinemaNet Nederland and the projection will be live streaming. The Internet showing will be a download.

But it is not only the production chain which is completely digital, but also the value chain. In the movie world there are normally time windows for showing. First the movie will be shown in the theatre, followed by television showing and eventually on DVD. But for the movie Stava Erusa the distribution company Warner Home Video will make an integral offer. The theatre showing, internet availability and DVD will be offered at the same time but with differentiated prices. The theatre showing will cost 8 euro, the DVD 13 euro and Internet download will cost 10 euro. A discount on the DVD will be given by the Free Record Shop upon showing the theatre ticket.


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