Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Finnish 2005 annual content report

This week my Finnish friend Cai pointed me to an article, which turned out to be an annual report on the content situation in Finland. I quote only a part of the article.

"The Ministry of Education, Dept of Culture has also established a new Unit of Culture Export headed by Dr. Paula Tuomikoski. The aims of the new unit are ambitious, ranging from drafting a strategy for Finnish Cultural Exports to exploring co-operation of corporations and culture players in the field of trade to Russia, or supporting the Finnish Music Export Organisation Musex capture attention at the 2006 MIDEM music festival in Cannes in unheard scale.

Another undertaking of the department was the launch of a new national audiovisual strategy covering the period up to 2010. Also this paper aims to "make the audiovisual sector a stronger factor in both professional and commercial terms for the success of creative industries". The first cornerstone of the strategy is a strong national television - very topical, since the analogue channels are due to shut down in August 2007 and Finland reaching a DTV household penetration of 40 per cent at the end of 2005. Copyright regulation, supply and distribution of domestic film, knowldge and skill development and fostering audiovisual heritage are amongst other priorities of the near future. A national strategy for design has already been devised earlier along the same principles".

You can find the full report on the site of

I think it would be a nice idea to have an annual content report per country with articles on developments in the fields of publishing, movies, television, internet and advertisement and lots of statistics. It could be a format, a content metrix, after the book e-Content: Voices from the Ground - The Sequel 2.0.

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