Monday, November 19, 2007

WSA 07 Jury Distinction (17)

Title: ULSS Asolo Medical Network
Title in Original Language: ULSS 8 Asolo
Media Format: broadband/online
Producer: Azienda ULSS N. 8 Asolo
Country: Italy
Description of the Product
The ULSS Asolo Medical Network in Italy provides every citizen, as well as general practitioners and specialists with a comprehensive and integrated medical system. A personal site stores all clinical reports, images, tracings, etc. of the case history of a patient and makes the data accessible online under password restriction. Previously-made tests and exams can be seen from around the world in four languages at the patient’s request, thus letting a non-local specialists perform a simple distance-diagnosis and allowing travelling Italians to give doctors abroad pertinent medical information. Privacy, security and confidentiality of all information is guaranteed by a secure protocol with the issue of a Web Server Certificate as a proof of identity.

Asolo ULSS 8, the local health unit of Venice in Italy, has started a remarkable e-health project on patient’s information. The remarkable part is that the project does not gather all data of a patient into one file, store it and give access to it. But Asolo ULSS 8 uses the web principle. Images are stored with images, old data on paper is converted to PDF, lab test are automatically transferred to the lab results. Yet the patient, the physician and the hospital have access to the clinical records. A patient gets a personal site where all clinical reports, images, lab results of his case history are stored and easy accessible. In practice, every clinical file becomes “moveable”, available from anywhere in the world simply by connecting to the Internet. The benefit of this project is two-sided. Every moment and from everywhere, previously-made tests and exams can be seen and checked, thus letting a non-local specialist perform a very simple and cost-effective distance-diagnosis. The web portal is comprehensive, easy-accessible, integrated within the ULSS information system, secure and password restricted. It uses the digital database created by the ULSS in Caerano San Marco, connected at 1Gb/sec to 64 operational units. By simply connecting to the personal website
and choosing a search argument amongst those available, the system will display instant, on-screen results, with each item clickable and easily checkable; all diseases have been classified according to ICD9 CM. The system is also integrated with all the patient’s clinical files, accessible by both the GP and any specialists, and is also known under the name ‘Patient’s Personal Clinical File’.

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