Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WSA 07 Jury Distinction (18)

Title: Triangler
Media Format: mobile contents
URL: www.tno.nl/triangler
Producer: TNO
Country: Netherlands
Description of the Product
Triangler is an innovative massive collaborative geometric outdoor mobile interactive game. Two teams of 5 players play and try to score most points by enclosing enemy players within 150-metre equilateral triangles formed by three team members. Alternately, two teams of 100 can play in a city or rural area with 2000 meter triangles. Using advanced location-based and presence services on cell phones, you can locate yourself, your team buddies and enemy players, learn. The value and fun of the game is in the competitive collaboration, tactical coordination of triplet formation and operational sharing of communication tasks, which all help to enhance the team’s score.

Triangler is a game concept rather than a game. The engine can be used for developing commercial games such as city games. It is interesting to see that the game concept has been developed by the telecom department of a research company. Triangler is now played amongst others as a team building game. During the WSA 07 event in Venice a set of two games was played on San Marco square by two teams. The developers were very happy about the results and called it one of their bests game sets.

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