Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WSA 07 Jury Distinction (19)

Title: Dom-3
Media Format: cross media
Producer: TNT Broadcasting Network
Country: Russian Federation
Description of the Product:
The “Dom-3” project is a combination of an on-line game and a multifunctional web-site delivering an advanced massive virtual reality world where participants can learn about various ways and possibilities of socialization. Built on “Dom-2”, one of Russia’s most successful TV programs ever, one can find acquaintances and communicate in the interactive mode by means of chats, messengers, and smart phones. Ratings of a character are based on game and competition scores, level of health and mood, quality of clothes and apartment and of course circle of friends. A high rating results in a higher social status, a better position in the dating service, a more prestigious job or an invitation to the best parties in the virtual world.

The Dom-3 project is really a cross-media project or perhaps even better a transmedia project. Dom-3 builds on Dom-2, a very popular televison program for young people in Russia. The sit is basically a cross-over from televison to internet, from a linear televison program, whereby young people are shown images of their world, to a web 2.0 world where they can dream away, but also make contacts, earn points and climb on the social ladder of Dom-3. The site is very attractively designed.

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