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BPN 1202 Dutch cross media project OS success

The Olympic Games are over and it is stats time again. And I was immediately served at the iMMovator Cross Media Summer Café in Hilversum yesterday afternoon. The chief innovation of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting, Mr Roelant Stekelenburg, came to tell about the greatest cross media project of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting so far. The Olympic Games came to the Dutch audience by television, internet, radio and mobile.

Olympic Games 2008 on Internet with 13 channels
- 2,7 million unique visitors
- 60 million page views
- 20 million live streams
- 7,4 million Video on Demand clips
- Average time watched: between15 and 20 minutes.

Top day 21 August 2008 (the day the Dutch waterpolo team won gold)
- 518.000 unique visitors
- 5,4 million pageviews
- 2 million live streams
- 100.000 concurrent streams
- Top traffic 76 Gb/sec
- 650.000 VoD clips

Olympic Games 2008 on mobile with 13 channels
- 23.000 unique visitors
- 135.000 visits
- 1 million pageviews
- Teletex most popular
- 8500 video users
- 21.000 live video streams
- 9200 VoD clips
- 5600 Radio Olympia.

The Netherlands Public Broadcasting also offered High Definition of 20Mbps on Internet. The channel could handle 40 concurrent users. There was also a High Resolution channel of 1,5Mbps, which was popular for those who found the HD and high resolution channels.

All together the Netherlands Public Broadcasting picked up only 300.000 euro in revenues from advertising on the Internet.

Overlooking the statistics it is clear that this year the limits were reached with 100.000 concurrent users. It also brought up the question about who will be paying the bill for broadband traffic in the future. Netherlands Public Broadcasting wants to start up a discussion with ISPs on this subject.

The opening and closing ceremonies on Dutch television attracted 2 million viewers for each occasion. According to the Netherlands Public Broadcasting, 86 per cent of the Dutch have watched the Olympic Games at one time in the 2,5 weeks of the games.

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