Friday, May 27, 2011

BPN 1564 U-TOUR Mexico stopped in its tracks

Today I received the following sad announcement of my Mexican friend Rudy Laddaga:

"With great sadness and frustration we announce that after 2 international awards, 3 national awards, half million dollars and 3 years invested in this project, U-TOUR will turn off the switch due to the lack of interest, commitment and vision of the Mexican Government.
When a great application with great content like U-TOUR is killed by the bureaucracy of a country, there's a red light showing that the content gap and digital divide is a bigger enemy to fight for. Hopefully U-TOUR will serve as an example of how institutions and government that are wrongly managed can help to make wider the digital divide.
We must say that has been a painful yet enlighten journey that although never saw the light, it gave birth to new projects, jobs, companies and opportunities.
Our hearts are restless and our minds blurred by a roller-coaster of contradictory feelings. We don't want to take any action at this point. That's why we call to your bright minds to think of any way that we could send a message to the Mexican Government from out broad and help my country to understand the damage that they're doing by killing initiatives like this."

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For more information on the WSA award for this project:

BPN 1564

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