Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BPN 1567 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 3

Category 3: e-Learning & Education

3001  Wikigoviya, Sri Lanka
3030  Bitstrips for Schools, Canada
3039  Rufoof, UAE
3044  Technology and Civilization in Ancient China, China
3057  Dnevnik.ru, Russian Federation

Wikigoviya, Sri Lanka, Audio Visual Centre, Department of Agriculture,
Description: The latest ICT initiative of Cyber Agriculture Wikipedia known as Wikigoviya is a participatory and interactive web tool for agriculture development in Sri Lanka through the participation of agriculture community (AC). Wikigoviya serves as a common meeting place for AC of farmers, experts, academics, students and general public interested in agriculture. This is a read-and-write web rather than the traditional read only website which has been hosted under the domain name of www.goviya.lk. It provides necessary platform for disseminating and sharing agriculture information among interested groups while serving as a room for discussing and constructively criticize the present agriculture policies and adoption. The detailed agriculture crop technology guide is given with the support of latest multimedia applications in order to understand easily. All information is presented in a very user friendly manner and in a ‘tone’ & dialect in
which the rural farmer feels comfortable.

Bitstrips for Schools, Canada, Bitstrips Inc.
Description: Bitstrips for Schools is a groundbreaking educational website that enables any student to create, share and collaborate on amazing comics without having to draw, and gives teachers an entirely new teaching medium. Bitstrips for Schools engages kids by making the process of writing more visual, interactive and fun. It introduces elements of identity, role-play and digital storytelling to schoolwork, letting students demonstrate their learning in a more personal and creative way. Since launching in September 2009, Bitstrips for Schools has been used by over 60,000 teachers and 600,000 students in every grade and virtually every subject. Over 20,000 kids log on each day and create 20,000 new comics!

Rufoof, UAE, Flagship Projects Marketing FZ-LLC
Description: This product is one of a kind e-content store application that targets the Arab audience with thousands of books and publications covering various sectors. Rufoof offers an amazing reading experience for the Arabic and English Content. Steps to live a quality reading experience with Rufoof are very easy because we strive to make technology easier and user friendly to everyone. Rufoof app is absolutely free of charge. The language is 70% Arabic and 30% English, thus targeting the Arab audience. The platform complies with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, web app and Windows Phone coming soon.

Technology and Civilization in Ancient China, China, Information Center of China
Association for Science and Technology
Description: “Technology and Civilization in Ancient China” is an e-learning and education website, designed as a special introduction to the development and advancement of ancient Chinese scientific techniques. The website contains a vast amount of information, with over two hundred thousand words of text, 1,500 images, and more than 100 movies. The website is divided into a Chinese-language section, an English-language section, and a discussion forum. The website is steadfastly devoted to disseminating scientific understanding, explaining the creative process behind scientific principles, and using modern multi-media methods to reinvigorate and reconstruct ancient inventions. It uncovers their underlying scientific thought and reasoning, displaying the value and wisdom of our human inheritance to today's society.

Dnevnik.ru, Russian Federation, Dnevnik.ru
Description: Dnevnik.ru is the first Social Educational Network in the Russian Federation that aims to create a single educational network for all participants (school administrators, teachers, students and their parents) in the educational process. Dnevnik.ru is making school life more convenient by creating a tool for efficient and convenient electronic document management by allowing participants of the program to quickly and simultaneously exchange information with each other as well as be informed of current developments in participating schools. Additionally, Dnevnik.ru houses a large learning resource centre, provides an electronic information exchange system, electronic messaging and distance teaching capability, educational audio and video materials and facilities for creating personal profiles, subject blogs and groups for schools and online learning communities.

BPN 1567

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