Sunday, May 29, 2011

BPN 1565 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 1

"WSA - Turning the United Nations Targets on the Information Society regarding Local Content into Global Action towards the 2015 Review !"

Category 1: e-Government & Institutions

1014 e-Annual Report Estonia
1015 my cpf – CPF Service Transformation Singapore
1020 Empowering India India
1028 Tunisian Industry Portal Tunisia
1038 DigiD Netherlands

e-Annual Report, Estonia, Mr. Margus M├Ągi
Description: In Estonia, entrepreneurs can submit annual reports in XBRL format via the e-reporting environment of the e-Business Registry Company Registration Portal. About 99% of more than 120,000 companies registered in Estonia use the new reporting environment. The created uniform e-reporting environment makes the entry and submission of data significantly more convenient for companies, as there is one specific place, form and way for submitting all required data. Furthermore, this way companies do not have to submit data to the public authorities twice, as they all get reporting data from the central system and this in turn means less red tape. The processing of business data became significantly quicker and easier, as the data can be processed immediately and are accessible to all interested parties both in the private and public sectors. XBRL format used for submitting annual reports is among the candidates for the W3C XML standard. The reporting feature corresponds to the WCAG AAA level.

Mycpf – CPF Service Transformation, Singapore, Producer: Central Provident Fund Board Singapore
Description: My cpf has revolutionised service delivery model of public service in Singapore. The closed engagement with the citizens, and innovative use of Infocomm Technology (IT), has resulted in a suite of retirement planning e-services customised according to the citizens’ life events, and accessible to all citizens regardless of their IT savviness. This "Different Strokes for Different Folks" approach serves the different retirement planning and IT maturity of citizens. To educate and empower an aging but increasingly sophisticated population to plan early for a secure retirement, interactive retirement planning tools and content are presented from their perspective. My cpf also caters to citizens at opposite extremes of IT savviness. For the IT savvy citizens, they can use new mobile and media channels. For the less IT savvy citizens, creative use of biometric, wireless and conventional e-services, often together with human touch,
ensures that they too can "Bridge the Digital Divide".

Empowering India, India, Liberty Institute
Description: Empowering India seeks to empower citizens with easy access to information about political parties, candidates and electoral constituencies, at national and provincial levels. The basic premise is that information promotes transparency in the democratic process, and allows citizens to hold their political leaders more accountable. A more responsive political process encourages citizens to actively participate in the largest democratic exercise in the world. Consequently, the primary focus of Empowering India is the citizen, who can actually contribute to making democracy meaningful, not just in form, but in substance. Currently, the website has detailed election results since 1977. It has also captured the background information filed by thousands of candidates who have contested elections at national and provincial levels since 2003. The information is provided in an easy to compare manner at the appropriate constituency level and also available for various analytical purposes.

Tunisian Industry Portal, Tunisia, Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation
Description: The portal includes all the information you need to know about setting up a company, from the initial concept through strategic positioning studies for the various sectors, business plan and the role of support structures. It also gives a thorough review of financing possibilities, well as tax and financial incentives for new businesses, formalities for announcing your undertaking, and the legal steps for setting up a company and others services like (Overview of Tunisian industry- API products- A dynamic Industrial Data Base Enterprises Virtual Exhibition- on–line project declaration- Legal constitution of company on line – Enterprises incubators).

DigiD, Netherlands, Logius
Description: DigiD has been developed for citizens and (representatives of) businesses as well as public administrations. All citizens with a citizen’s service number and a registration in a Dutch municipality can get a DigiD login code. All Dutch administrations offering e-government services can use DigiD. The only requirements are that an administration carries out a public task and is permitted by law to use the designated registration number (citizen’s service number).

BPN 1565

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