Monday, May 30, 2011

BPN 1566 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 2

"WSA - Turning the United Nations Targets on the Information Society regarding Local Content into Global Action towards the 2015 Review !"

Category 2:
e-Health & Environment

2004 SPARX New Zealand
2031 COLLAPSUS Netherlands
2039 EPI Life Singapore
2040 Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Museum China
3012 Colombia

SPARX, New Zeeland, University of Auckland
Description: By the age of 18 a quarter of young people have suffered from clinical 
depression and a massive three quarters of them never get any help. There are good therapies, but they can be expensive, there is a shortage of therapists and young people may be reluctant to talk about their problems. For the current generation of "digital natives" computers may provide a solution. SPARX is a computerised self-help programme designed to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy, one of the best psychological treatments available for depression. SPARX is an animated 3D game where users learn real-life skills by solving challenges to rid a fantasy world from gloom and
negativity. It was developed by therapists in collaboration with young people, computer games developers, and is grounded in e-learning theories. It has been designed to appeal to young people internationally. An evaluation of SPARX (187 participants) has shown that young people found it effective, engaging and helpful.

COLLAPSUS, Netherlands, Submarine
Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy transition affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. What will their world look like after the turbulent transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources? Following the adventures of Vera, Jack, Tony and Amir, you are lead into a world of conspiracy, treason and, most alarmingly, failing energy supplies. In this story, set in the near future, the international powers try to cope with a transition from fossil to alternative fuels, while dealing with political dissension, uprisings and a population terrified by increasingly frequent black-outs. As a player, you are required to make decisions that leave their mark on a national and a global scale, in your quest to find solutions to the energy crisis.

Description: EPI Life is the World's First mobile phone with integrated ECG
(Electrocardiogram) and health monitoring functions. It allows the user to record their ECG anytime, anywhere, simply by touching the sides of the phone with their fingers, eliminating the need for complicated electrodes or messy gels. Other than ECG, it also allows the user to input key health parameters such as Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and transmit these data to their online Personal Health Folder via the EPI Life, which can be accessed by the user via the internet. ECGs are sent to EPI’s 24-hour Health Concierge from the device via GPRS, where qualified doctors and cardiac technicians compare the ECG against the user’s baseline ECG, and respond via SMS based on the results of the comparison. EPI Life, coupled with the 24-hour Health Concierge and online Personal Health Folder, offers an end-to-end solution for remote health monitoring, allowing the end-user to have timely feedback (on-demand) on their heart condition anytime, anywhere.

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Museum, China, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine International Exchange and Cooperating Center (BTCMIECC)
Description: Beijing Digital Museum of Traditional Chinese  Medicine is a top science museum and a website to spread and propagate culture of traditional Chinese medicine and scientific knowledge to the world. Beijing Digital Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine has two versions: English and Chinese. There are many columns, such as medical care, Chinese material medicine, acupuncture, health and life, Qigong, Tuina, imperial court medicine, culture and history, cosmetic treatment, education, science and technology and international exchange., Colombia, Ideas Online

Description: enables individuals and organizations to create progressively new environmentally friendly habits in their consumption routines through our "Green challenges". These challenges motivate action in a massive and different way through the current web and social media technologies. Through our green challenges users understand the relation between their habits and Climate Change, gain control over their own CO2 emissions and we are able to address the climatic issue from the root. Here’s an example of a Green Challenge that any user (person or organization) can take: "don’t eat meat in the following 2 weeks". This produces a reduction of 5.95 Kg of CO2. Get all of our challenges here [Spanish]

BPN 1566

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